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The Giant Robots of Fall 2021: Six mecha series to satisfy your needs for the rest of 2021

Giant robots are a trope closely tied to images of anime in popular culture, and I can never get enough of them. But it’s no stretch to say that they don’t have quite the firm grip that they used to, with a handful of major exceptions like Gundam and Evangelion. This is why the Fall 2021 anime season feels so unusual—not one, not two, but as many six mecha series debuted in October. Rather than feeling like the harbinger of a genre revival, they seem to be taking different routes to using giant robots as selling points. Muv-Luv Alternative Muv-Luv Alternative fills the role of adapting a work that already has an established fanbase, though the story of how Muv-Luv...

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10 Robots that Deserve to Be Soul of Chogokin Figures (Part 1)

The Soul of Chogokin line is the premiere brand for high-quality giant robot figures. With the recent release of the Soul of Chogokin Voltron, as well as the upcoming Soul of Chogokin Megazord from Power Rangers, even more eyes are on it to bring out fan favorites and nostalgic mecha. I'd love to see even more robots get the star treatment, so here’s Part 1 of my list of robots that deserve to be Soul of Chogokin figures:

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Is “Voltron: Legendary Defender” Copying Anime?

The fact that a new Voltron is coming seems almost inevitable. In the United States, Voltron is a quintessential part of pop culture. While the original Japanese versions, Golion and Dairugger, are more or less footnotes in the grand scheme of animation in Japan, Voltron is woven deeply into the nerd consciousness of America. Following in the footsteps of the 90s CG cartoon Voltron: The Third Dimension and the more recent Voltron Force, this newest iteration, titled Voltron: Legendary Defender, is being made by DreamWorks and set to premiere on Netflix on June 10th, 2016. To promote the series DreamWorks  released a video showing the new Voltron’s combination sequence (a must for any super robot series), but one thing you might not have...

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