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Looking Back: 5 Amazing Anime Openings that Ended 2016

The fall anime season traditionally caps off every year, and it’s often the case that  fall is when a lot of studios put their best foot forward. This year, however, feels even more impressive, particularly when it comes to the beauty and impact of opening animations. Here are my top 5 for  Fall 2016, and why I think they’re worth watching every time.

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Drink Three Times Faster with the Char Aznable Teacup

The latest product themed after Mobile Suit Gundam antagonist Char Aznable is a fine china teacup. Created by high-quality ceramics maker Noritake, the teacup is tinted Char’s signature red and is emblazoned with his logo. The teacup also comes with a red plate. In the center of it is an image of a flying swan, the symbol of Char’s doomed lover, Lalah Sune. In the original series, Char and protagonist Amuro are both in love with Lalah. Her death is what turns their rivalry personal. Char Aznable holds a cultural position in Japan similar to that of Darth Vader in the United States. Throughout multiple Gundam series, Char has a tendency to pilot red mobile suits, leading to products such...

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Top 10 Mari Okada Anime

When you see writer Mari Okada’s name in the credits of an anime, there are a number of elements you’re likely to find: plenty of melodrama, an emphasis on communication and human relationships, as well as exploration of alternative sexualities. Her works are often love ‘em or hate ‘em, which is why I’ve put together this list of my Top 10 Mari Okada Anime. Just to make sure to acknowledge where credit is due, Mari Okada is often not the only driving force in these works! Many are based on original manga, or have strong directors and other staff behind them.

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