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One Punch! Part 2: JAM Project’s Rising Fame at Otakon 2017

In my very first article written one and half years ago, I wrote about the anime music super group JAM Project and how their One Punch Man opening theme “The Hero!! was capable of bringing them out of obscurity among American anime fans.  At this year’s Otakon, this theory was put to the test. Billed alongside veteran Japanese music sensation TM Revolution as part of the Anisong World Matsuri it was time to see if their presence had grown since their US debut in 2008.

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One Punch! JAM Project’s Gateway to Western Success?

Source: One Punch Man Anime Official Site  Whether it’s the exquisite action sequences, the superhero aesthetic, or the clever humor, the One Punch Man anime has been turning a lot of heads. Among its many memorable qualities, one particularly powerful feature is its rocking theme song, “The Hero!! ~Light a Fire in This Enraged Fist~,” sung by superstar anime band JAM Project. Its initial cry of “One Puuuuuunch!” is not only invigorating, it’s also a lot easier to remember then the string of German at the beginning of Attack on Titan’s first opening. It’s so catchy, in fact, that I believe that One Punch Man will finally be what garners success for JAM Project with English-speaking audiences.

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