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The Canon of Kanan: Love Live! Sunshine!! Character Controversy

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article concerning Love Live! Sunshine!! character Kanan Matsuura’s rise from being last place in the very first Center Election (a vote which determines who will be the main performer for the next song) to actually winning the most recent third election for their newest song, “Happy Party Train.” I chalked up a sizable portion of this change to her appearance in the anime, a portrayal that personally turned me into a fan. Since then, however, thanks to some helpful reader comments, I’ve learned that there were many more gears helping to drive the Kanan engine to victory (locomotive pun very much intended). It paints a complex image of how Love Live! fandom works whereby it...

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How Love Live! Sunshine!!’s Least Popular Character Rocketed to #1

In the beginning, the waters were rough for the character Kanan Matsuura in Love Live! Sunshine!! One of the nine new girls introduced as part of the school idol group Aqours, the deep-sea diver turned idol was among the least popular, even placing dead last in the very first center election—the process by which fans vote for the lead performer for the next album. A year later, however, Kanan’s fortunes have reversed dramatically, to the extent that she’s the center for Aqours’ newest single, “Happy Party Train.” While there are likely a number of factors that go into changing people’s opinions of a character, the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime undoubtedly played a major role.

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