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Digimon, Doremi, and the Time Dilation of Nostalgic Sequels

 Nostalgia is a powerful force ever-present in media and in entertainment. It conjures up memories and experiences of the past, and it takes many different forms. For anime and manga, this often comes to us as new versions of old beloved works, sometimes accompanied by anniversary merchandise to really get the memories going. In recent years, the focal point of nostalgia has been the 1990s up to the early 2000s. The 2020 Sorcerous Stabber Orphen anime is a retelling of the original story, which originally began as a light novel series before being adapted into anime in 1998. Slayers Volume 16, released in 2018 after a 16-year hiatus, picks up right where the story left off. But the Digimon Adventure...

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