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Teen Girl Sherlock Holmes Novel “A Study in Charlotte” Gets Manga-style Cover: US vs. Japan Marketing in Action

The 2016 novel, A Study in Charlotte, about fifth generation teenage descendants of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, has gone on sale in Japan. Its covers for the Japanese release are drawn by manga artist/illustrator Naru Narumi. Narumi’s previous manga works include Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san (“Koizumi-kun Loves Ramen”) and Wataru-kun no xx ga Houkaisunzen (“Wataru-kun’s xx is on the Brink of Collapse”). A Study in Charlotte is not a manga, or based on an anime. It’s not even a light novel. Its author, Britanny Cavallaro, is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. However, while the source material is far removed from Japanese pop culture, I find it rather fascinating to look at how it’s being marketed to Japan.

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