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The Shonen Jump Meat Grinder: Why So Many Manga Die Young

As the home to mega-hits such as Dragon Ball and Naruto, Weekly Shonen Jump is the most famous manga magazine in the world. If you’ve been paying attention to the magazine over the past few weeks, you might have noticed that they’ve been launching one new title after the next, such as We Never Learn by Taishi Tsutsui and U19 by Yuji Kimura.  This is because Shonen Jump is a cutthroat competition for space. Titles that fail to succeed are quickly canceled and replaced, and these new works are the latest batch attempting to survive. Given the frequency that new series get aborted, I refer to this process as the Shonen Jump Meat Grinder. You might just see your new...

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New Manga: Monster Therapy-Themed “Youkai Massage” Debuts

Rensuke Oshikiri, the manga artist behind gaming romance series High Score Girl, is authoring a new manga called Youkai Massage. Unlike previous titles, Oshikiri is solely in a writing position and his student and assistant, Ichiro Imiki, is providing the artwork. Youkai Massage is the story of Atsuko Momiyama, a young girl who ends up working at a massage parlor for monsters. Though one of the young workers there underestimates her, Atsuko apparently has some secrets to her success. Compared to his teacher, Imiki’s art style is a lot more conventionally cute than Oshikiri’s weirdly proportioned yet oddly charming aesthetic (pictured above). However, there are still clear signs of Oshikiri’s influence on Imiki’s work, as shown with the old lady...

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