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Why Are There so Many Redhead Fantasy Anime Heroines?

From Slayers’ Lina Inverse to High School DxD’s Rias Gremory, there are seemingly endless numbers of fantasy heroines in anime and manga that sport red hair. Why is it so common, and what meanings does red hair possess in these stories? In my experience, there are three main categories of redhead fantasy heroines, each of them associated with certain traits and values that make them popular in fantasy settings. These are Fiery Warriors, Exotic Destinies, and Sexy Demons.

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3 Guest Anime Appearances in Granblue Fantasy

The popular mobile game Granblue Fantasy is getting an anime adaptation, and fans are eagerly anticipating seeing their favorite characters on the small screen. However, did you know that a number of anime characters have already appeared in Granblue Fantasy as guest characters? This article is going to go over the anime that have shown up thus far, while also providing a little background on each series in case you decide to check them out.

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