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Konami Showcases Two New Rhythm Games at JAEPO 2016 - Otoiroha and Nostalgia

Two new Bemani titles, Nostalgia and Otoiroha, were announced by Konami Digital Entertainment a few weeks before Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO), the arcade games’ equivalent of the Tokyo Game Show. During JAEPO itself, these two new games were showcased to the public and visitors could try them out. They will be the 12th and 13th active Bemani rhythm games.

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Hinabita (ひなビタ) – Cute girls and catchy music

Hinabita (short form for Hinatabi Bitter Sweets), is a fictional band of five girls produced by Funaki Tomosuke, a composer of Konami Digital Entertainment. Initially a project of Konami Digital Entertainment to sell music digitally through downloads on iTunes, Hinabita has since gained popularity with Bemani players and even a considerable number of non-players and has expanded to many other kinds of merchandise.

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