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Osomatsu-san’s Newest Smartphone Game Draws Inspiration From Pokemon GO

Ever thought of walking around town only to find a wild Karamatsu just across the street?Most of us have not, but apparently the guys at D-techno have thought that it is a good idea—and just like Pokemon GO, they even used the concept of augmented reality where you have to move and walk around so that you’ll have an adventure in your search for your favorite Matsuno brother.

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Nintendo’s New Smartphone Game, “Super Mario Run” Play Report

Nintendo will launch Super Mario Run on the Apple App Store in 151 countries on the 15th of December 2016.  After Miitomo, this is the second biggest Nintendo title developed in-house for the iphone, and is the first smartphone game from the successful Super Mario series. The catch phrase, “The new Mario that is played with one hand”, is absolutely right. This is a “running game” genre similar to Temple Run and Flappy Bird, that can be played by tapping the screen with one finger. The game uses graphics and music from the new Super Mario Brothers series, and the courses are designed to be played horizontally. Mario automatically rights towards the goal without any input from a player. A...

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Granblue Fantasy - Ancient Battlefield event

An introduction to Granblue Fantasy's monthly ancient battlefield event as well as some useful tips. The current ongoing event is 幽幻の饗宴 (banquet of the ghosts). It is Halloween-themed, but otherwise it is just like any other ancient battlefield event. Before we begin, let’s understand the terms used in this event. As this is a Halloween event, several terms are changed to fit the Halloween theme.

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