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“Ys VIII” Patch Update with Time Attack Mode, Free Item Sets and Costume DLCs

Nihon Falcom updated “Ys VIII –Lacrimosa of DANA-“ with patch version 1.01 that adds new features such like “time attack” mode, free item sets, costumes, equippable attack items and other DLCs. This update is to be implemented on 21st of July, which is the release date of the PS Vita version of the game. The PS4 version will be released in 2017.

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A guide to finding Trails in the Sky SC's hidden items Gambler Jack

 The much anticipated Trails in the Sky SC was finally released on Steam and PS Vita released three weeks ago. This series is famous for its many missable items and quests. In the first chapter there was the Carnelia book series. In this chapter, they are the Gambler Jack books. This will be a one-stop guide for those wishing to get all those pesky Gambler Jack volumes once and for all.

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