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Idolm@ster Side M: LIVE ON ST@GE! Smartphone Game Announced

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced that IDOLM@STER SideM: LIVE ON ST@GE will be the newest addition to the popular franchise, which was announced in the IDOLM@STER Side M 2nd Stage ~ ORIGIN event held on February 11. The game will be available to iOS and Android users. The PV of the game, as well as its official website, have also been launched on the same day.

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Osomatsu-san’s Newest Smartphone Game Draws Inspiration From Pokemon GO

Ever thought of walking around town only to find a wild Karamatsu just across the street?Most of us have not, but apparently the guys at D-techno have thought that it is a good idea—and just like Pokemon GO, they even used the concept of augmented reality where you have to move and walk around so that you’ll have an adventure in your search for your favorite Matsuno brother.

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