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Untold Stories of Octopath Traveler Development: Surpassing the Deified Pixel Art

Octopath Traveler was awarded as  ‘Nintendo Game of the Year’ at the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards. The game has astonished thousands of game-lovers across the globe with its rich story-line, unique characters, beautiful soundtrack, and sophisticated pixel arts.  As I described in my previous article, this legendary game came to birth thanks to the development team’s series of contribution in character design and illustration: assuring that the characters’ feet are “on the ground”, considering each character’s personality for the game’s package cover, and meticulously designing the characters’ costumes with pixel arts. Moreover, we have discovered that there are heart-warming background stories behind the scene of development; for instance, Ikushima’s imagination for Olberic synchronized with the personal figure of his father....

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