Bullet Girls Phantasia for PS4

Bullet Girls Phantasia

$ 110.00

Japan Title: Bullet Girls Phantasia

Release Date: August 9th, 2018

Platform: PS4 (Japan Import)

Genre: 3rd Person Action Shooter

This product ships from Tokyo, Japan via Japan EMS with tracking number.


    In its third series, Bullet Girls Phantasia is set in Midguard where characters battle it out to shoot monster orcs released by a dragon 1000 Years later.

    This new series will include a new battle system and introduce new characters.


    • Bullet of Fire: Aya Hinomoto
    • Bullets of Thunder: Yurina Kanezono
    • The strongest Knight in All the Land: Silvia Hortensie
    • The Seeker: Sarria Violette