Japan Nintendo eShop 500 Yen Card

Japan Nintendo eShop 500 Yen Card

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Item: Japan Nintendo eShop 500 Prepaid Code/Card
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With the release of the Nintendo Switch system, the console is now region-free. This means that users (anywhere) are now able to gain access to Japan-specific games and demos.

Users must either sign in or create a separate Japanese eShop account in order to purchase Japanese exclusive games.

Nintendo Switch 

Shop within the Japan Nintendo eShop store with your imported Japanese Nintendo 3DS, New 3DS, Wii U systems, and Switch. The points allow anyone to download the latest Japanese titles without the need to fly to Japan or have a Japanese credit card.

  • Search for Japanese games or pay for in-game items. 
  • Download new content from the eShop store.
  • Download new themes.

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