BitCash 5000

Japan BitCash E-money 5,000 Credit

$ 55.99

Using BitCash:

As of June 1st 2015, BitCash EX and ST is now combined to be just BitCash.

BitCash is a type of E-money used for online payment for a wide range of web services, including online games, SNS, and video and music downloading.

To use BitCash for payment on the goods and services purchase page of BitCash member's shop's website, enter the prepaid number(Hiragana passcode) included in the email delivery.

BitCash can be used for adult-oriented and all other services.

For details on member shops' goods and services, contact each shop directly. 

You can merge BitCash balances on the BitCash website. The amount payable shall not exceed either the merged BitCash balance or 200,000 yen.