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Lanzhu the Heel: How Love Live! Nijigasaki Explores Differences in Personal Goals

Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Season 2 introduces new girls to the anime, including Lanzhu Zhong from Hong Kong. Unlike other previous rivals in Love Live! such as A-RISE and Saint Snow, Lanzhu is the closest the franchise has ever come to having a full-fledged heel. The result of having such a character be prominent is that Nijigasaki Season 2 is able to explore contrasting motivations for being a school idol. Lanzhu’s Approach to Success To be fair to Lanzhu, she’s not malicious or out to humiliate the others. Rather, her disagreement with the School Idol Club comes from the fact that the latters’ members “do it for the fans.” In Lanzhu’s view, school idols should be above...

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