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Lupin the Third’s Loving Farewell to Its Last Original Voice Actor, Kiyoshi Kobayashi

The Lupin the Third franchise is as much defined by its ensemble cast as it is Lupin himself. The sixth television series kicks off with a spotlight on Lupin’s oldest companion, the unparalleled marksman Daisuke Jigen, but it’s no ordinary character-centric episode. Instead, it comes on the heels of the announcement that Jigen’s voice actor, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, is finally hanging up his hat and holstering his magnum at the age of 88, after 50 years playing Jigen. The story told is a loving tribute to Kobayashi-as-Jigen and Jigen-as-Kobayashi.  “I’m Getting Too Old For This” “Episode 0”, as it’s called, revolves around Jigen contemplating finally retiring from a life of constant heists. He laments the changing times, especially the way technology...

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Top 10 Mari Okada Anime

When you see writer Mari Okada’s name in the credits of an anime, there are a number of elements you’re likely to find: plenty of melodrama, an emphasis on communication and human relationships, as well as exploration of alternative sexualities. Her works are often love ‘em or hate ‘em, which is why I’ve put together this list of my Top 10 Mari Okada Anime. Just to make sure to acknowledge where credit is due, Mari Okada is often not the only driving force in these works! Many are based on original manga, or have strong directors and other staff behind them.

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