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Love Live!, Nijigasaki’s Setsuna Yuki, and the President Archetype

As a media franchise meant to both attract new fans and bring back old ones, there are certain traits that recur throughout Love Live! One such example is the “student council president as idol.” There was Eli Ayase in the original Love Live!, followed by Dia Kurosawa in Love Live! Sunshine!! Now, the new Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club features Setsuna Yuki.  But while all three share similarities, it’s Setsuna’s particular brand of perfectionism that sets her apart from the others. Three Presidents, Three Forms of Perfectionism Eli, Dia, and Setsuna are all portrayed as having very high standards for themselves and others, but in each case they come from a different place. Eli’s initial conflict with the...

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