10 Robots that Deserve to Be Soul of Chogokin Figures (Part 2)

Carl Li
10 Robots that Deserve to Be Soul of Chogokin Figures (Part 2)

“Soul of Chogokin” represents an apex of excellent giant robot toy design. With the release of Voltron and the first Megazord from Power Rangers, one has to wonder what might come next. While the obvious choice is the Dragonzord, there are plenty more robots that are worthy of the Soul of Chogokin treatment. In the last article, I gave the first five of the robots I’d love to see as Soul of Chogokin figures. Now, here are the last five.

J-Decker (Brave Police J-Decker)

When a boy named Yuuta stumbles upon a police robot named Deckard, what he doesn’t realize is that his friendship has imbued the robot with a proverbial heart. Deckard is the leader of the Brave Police, a special giant robot peacekeeping force who can transform into the great J-Decker.

Another entry from the Brave series of giant robot anime, what makes J-Decker and its robot characters special are the bonds forged between each other and Yuuta. Once, a co-worker familiar with the Brave series said the following to me: “Gaogaigar might be considered the best, but J-Decker is the one closest to the Brave spirit.” Implied with the release of J-Decker would be follow-ups, namely the introduction of Duke Fire in order to form Fire J-Decker.

The Iron Giant

When young Hogarth Hughes stumbles across a giant robot from space, it changes his world. As he teaches this “Iron Giant” about Earth, its people and comic book heroes, their friendship transforms not just each other but the small 1950s town around them.

Like Pacific Rim, The Iron Giant is an American product. However, what makes me want to see its titular titan as a Soul of Chogokin is more than its country of origin. The Iron Giant’s excellent design, plus the massive sense of presence it carries, means it would look fantastic in anyone’s collector’s shelves. Of course, it would have to be able to do a “Superman” pose, and be able to transform between its dormant state and its “attack mode.”

Incidentally, The Iron Giant and J-Decker have similar themes. Wouldn’t it be great to see them both on collectors’ shelves around the world?

Galient (Panzer World Galient)

On the medieval world of Arst, the dreaded Marder seeks to conquer all in his path. The only hope for salvation is young Jordy, a lost prince who is able to command the mysterious “panzer” known as Galient. With the might of Galient and the support of the common people, Jordy fights the forces of Marder while learning about the truth of his world (and others).

In terms of its design, Galient blends science fiction and fantasy. Notably, its sword can transform into a whip-like weapon as well, similar to Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur. Not only would it be fun to pose Galient itself, but having its flexible sword contribute to its aesthetic presentation would be excellent. There have been Galient figures from other makers in the past, but a Soul of Chogokin one would presumably take the quality to a whole new level.

God Gundam (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)

As the representative of the space colony Neo-Japan, Domon Kasshu pilots the God Gundam in the final stages of the 13th Gundam Fight. Utilizing the power of the School of the Undefeated of the East martial arts style and the greatest technology from Neo-Japan, Domon and the God Gundam fight to stop his brother from taking over all the colonies.

Generally speaking, Gundams do not belong in Soul of Chogokin. After all, Gundam is the original and premier anime franchise representing the “real robot” vein of mecha, where robots are closer to soldiers than heroes. But with ki-powered attacks, passionate wuxia action, and the greatest amount of fierce yelling amidst combat this side of Getter Robo, G Gundam is one of the notable exceptions. The existing God Gundam figures already do a decent job of showing off its greatness, but giving it the range of movement that the more current Soul of Chogokins showcase would make the God Gundam look even more powerful.

Taekwon V (Robot Taekwon V)

When the evil scientist Dr. Kaff tries to take over the world by abducting the planet’s greatest athletes, Kim Cheol and Taekwon V come to the rescue. Using the power of taekwondo, Taekwon V fights against the forces of evil as one of Korea’s most beloved cartoon icons.

Due to its similarities to Mazinger Z, it is sometimes criticized on the Japanese internet as a Mazinger knockoff. However, its Taekwondo-based action is unique, and it’s still a cultural institution in South Korea. The main reason I’d like to see Taekwon V become a Soul of Chogokin is because it would be a great olive branch between South Korea and Japan, two countries with a lot of historical baggage that gets in the way of peace and acceptance.

That’s It!

So that’s the list. Do you have any favorites you’d love to see transformed into Soul of Chogokin? Let us know!

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