Dear Nature Lovers and Nerds Like Me: 8 Video Games That You Would Enjoy During Quarantine

Manatsu Ueno
Dear Nature Lovers and Nerds Like Me: 8 Video Games That You Would Enjoy During Quarantine

As a nature lover, I go out in the woods to feel better and stay positive. Simultaneously, I am a video game enthusiast. Weird combination, right? Today, I will introduce some video games I think you will enjoy if you appreciate nature's blessings while keeping yourself indoors.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of those games where you grow vegetables, upgrade a house, go fishing, take care of your livestock, socialize with other villagers, explore a cave, fight monsters, collect treasures… enjoy your relaxing and sustainable life on this beautiful island! It is my favorite game because you get to forget about all types of chaos in our society caused by environmental destruction while you dedicate yourself to sustainable agriculture and creating a peaceful village.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Released on March 20, this game has been recognized as one of the most popular games available on Nintendo Switch as more than 1.88 million copies were sold within the three days after release. 

Explore an island full of activities: cultivating fruits, growing flowers, going fishing, catching insects, shopping at stores, making furniture, socializing with residents, enjoy seasonal festivals, and more. Everyday is different on this island as you encounter new discoveries each day.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is probably one the first must-have game everyone gets when they get a Switch.  As you explore this open world, you start wondering… where do I come from and what awaits afterlife? Pick up your sword and protect yourself with a shield. Monsters are biding their time to attack you, hiding in a cave, on mountains, and in the woods. Visit local towns and villages for side-quests and extra arrows. Discover hidden shrines to obtain enlightenment, which helps you to gain more hearts and stamina.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I personally spent more than 300 hours in this game, just getting lost in the magic world. You are chosen by Dragon. Customize your own character by selecting race and class. Do you wish to be a mage, a master of arcane arts? What about a warrior, who swears loyalty to Imperial? Being a Khajiit is the best option if you wish to be a stealthy thief and live in the shadows.

Final Fantasy XVI

The fate of Crystal depends on your role in this world Eorzea. Choose a class and a job among 18 different jobs, and go explore each continent as you encounter magical monsters, discover dungeons, complete quests, collect rare gear, and more. Battles are not only the main purpose of this MMORPG since you can gather materials, craft weapons and armors, purchase a house, and enjoy nostalgia as weather, seasons, and time changes on the field.

My Time at Portia

Everything is fun in this farm-life simulation RPG. Enjoy your sustainable lifestyle with unique neighbors, crafting, gathering, exploring caves, building, socializing. Several stores are available for you to enrich your daily life, and the island is full of seasonal holidays and events. Building a lasting relationship with your neighbors is one of the keys in this game as they will help you out during difficult times.

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To survive in the middle of the sea, go explore the ocean where you gather materials to build a seabase, discover other survivors' traces, and investigate extraterrestrial architecture. Watch out for destructive creatures when you are diving around in research of treasures and ingredients. Confront deadly creatures once you are ready. 

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Ori and the Blind Forest

In this classic 2D adventure game, you embark on a journey to save the future of your forest Nibel. No need to be intimidated by malicious antagonists trying to destroy your forest as you obtain bravery and courage by the power of nature during your adventure. This game is highly recommended for those of you who take soundtracks seriously since it has received multiple rewards like OXM Awards as “Best Music”

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These games that I have introduced will help you to be attached to the beauty of nature during quarantine. As an environmentalist and a game fan like you who deeply cares about the future of the Earth, it must be frustrating that we are not encouraged to go out and explore nature during this global public health crisis. To survive this difficult situation, I highly encourage you to look into these games that will make you feel more at ease and help you protect others from infection simultaneously. All we need is patience while we do our best to stay indoors. Let’s get lost in the beautiful digital worlds in these video games until the Earth heals itself and forgives us for having mistreated her.

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