3 Guest Anime Appearances in Granblue Fantasy

3 Guest Anime Appearances in Granblue Fantasy

The popular mobile game Granblue Fantasy is getting an anime adaptation, and fans are eagerly anticipating seeing their favorite characters on the small screen. However, did you know that a number of anime characters have already appeared in Granblue Fantasy as guest characters? This article is going to go over the anime that have shown up thus far, while also providing a little background on each series in case you decide to check them out.

Keep in mind that I don’t play Granblue Fantasy, so I can’t offer any expert advice. That being said, my fellow Apartment 507 writer Desheng loves the game, so go over and leave some comments on his Granblue Fantasy articles!


Originally a fantasy light novel, the anime version of Slayers is a defining work for many 90s anime fans. Popular in Japan, it was also a very common “gateway anime” that introduced the world of Japanese animation to many Americans as well. The story follows Lina Inverse, a fiery redheaded sorcerer whose powerful spells cause such widespread damage that she is feared by friend and foe alike. Her “frenemy,” Naga the White Serpent, is Lina’s busty self-proclaimed rival, known for her powerful laugh, skill in a variety of magics, and a tendency to make fun of Lina over the size of her chest.

Slayers has TV series (currently available on Hulu), OVAs, movies, and more, all of which I would generally recommend due to their mix of action and humor, but if you want to see Lina and Naga in particular at their best, then I would recommend Slayers Gorgeous. Both characters are also voiced by two of anime’s greatest actors, Hayashibara Megumi and Kawamura Maria. They’re not quite as known to current anime fans, but if you look up Megumi’s performances in particular, the complete list is titanic.

Granblue Fantasy players could obtain Lina and Naga from the “Slayers Magna” event.

Rage of Bahamut Genesis

Based on another popular Japanese mobile game called simply Rage of Bahamut, the anime Rage of Bahamut Genesis from 2014 might very well be the best game to anime adaptation ever. Although that’s not saying much given the general poor quality of video game anime over the years, Rage of Bahamut Genesis is simply a gorgeous series with engaging characters, an engrossing story, and exquisite animation.

Rage of Bahamut Genesis takes place in a world where, long ago, Heaven and Hell had to join forces to seal the threat of the great dragon Bahamut. In present time, a thief and monster hunter named Favaro ends up meeting a mysterious half-demon girl named Amira, which sparks an adventure that requires them to challenge angels and demons alike.

The Granblue Fantasy version of Amira appeared as a limited edition bonus with the first Rage of Bahamut Genesis Blu-ray in Japan. Packaged alongside Amira was the card for Rita, a young-looking zombie necromancer whose cold yet amusing personality has earned her many fans, and who’s voice is provided by the talented and versatile Sawashiro Miyuki.

You can watch all of Rage of Bahamut Genesis on Hulu.

The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

You caught me, The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls didn’t begin as an anime either (in fact nothing on this list did, technically!), but I’m giving attention to it because of the fact that most of the Granblue Fantasy cards related to The iDOLM@STER focus on characters that have major or important roles in the anime adaptation of Cinderella Girls.

The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls anime is the story of the Cinderella Project, a move by the idol management group 346 Production to find their next top stars. The series focuses on the trio of Shimamura Uzuki, Shibuya Rin, and Honda Mio, who meet for the first time thanks to the Cinderella Project but become the closest of friends. Uzuki is cheerful with a never-say-die attitude, Rin is talented and reserved, and Mio is social and energetic. All three of the main Cinderella Girls could be obtained in the “Cinderella Fantasy” Granblue Fantasy event, along with others such as the popular Jougasaki Mika and Jougasaki Rika.

The series stands on its own apart from the original The iDOLM@STER anime, so there’s no need to be familiar with the franchise to watch this series. You can catch it on Daisuki.


Whether you came here as a Granblue Fantasy player curious about anime, or as an anime fan looking to get into Granblue Fantasy, I hope you have fun discovering what’s out there!

If you could put any anime or manga series in Granblue Fantasy, what would it be? I would love to see the characters of Snow White with the Red Hair show up!

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