Dangerous Romance Manga “Mangaka to Yakuza” Volume 1 On Sale

If you’ve ever dreamed of a romance between a gangster and a manga artist, Japan has you covered. Volume 1 of the comic Mangaka to Yakuza by coda went on sale in Japan on October 17, 2016 as a paperback comic.

First published digitally through the online manga magazine Love Coffre, Mangaka to Yakuza is about a naïve female mangaka named Rui, who finds herself saddled with 6 million yen (approximately $60,000 USD) in debt because her name was on an acquaintance’s loan. She’s visited by a yakuza named Azuma, who claims that she will pay no matter what, even if she has to use her body. However, it turns out that Azuma is much kinder than he initially seems, which sparks off a new and passionate adventure between them.

Love Coffre is a relatively new manga magazine, having just begun in 2015. Its content is primarily in the josei genre (manga for older women), where risqué love is frequently the name of the game. In this respect, Mangaka to Yakuza is no exception. A cursory look at the manga’s preview images reveals lots of blushing, some intense stares, and a bit of tongue. In addition, its visual style will also be familiar to readers of smutty josei.

And if you like coda's work, check out their art on Twitter and tumblr.

Image sources: Comic Natalie, Love Coffre