Move Over, Nikumi: New Manga “Meat Girls’ Recommendations” Collaborates with Japanese Yakiniku Chain

The Japanese yakiniku restaurant Gyu-Kaku is currently doing a promotional campaign with the manga Nikujo no Osusume (“Meat Girls’ Recommendations”).

A series by artist Neneko Kobato, the manga follows three ladies as they try various meat dishes from various restaurants. For this promotion, Nikujo no Osusume features a special chapter where one of its characters visits Gyu-Kaku.

The chapter also has a QR code readers can scan to get a free serving of Galbi. 29 lucky winners will also receive a special gyudon ball autographed by Kobato.

Nikujo no Osusume is currently published in the magazine Young King. Fans of Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma and its matron of meat, Mito Ikumi, may enjoy this series. Those interested can also find creator Kobato Neneko on Twitter (@kobato_neneko) and on Pixiv (warning: NSFW).

Sources: Comic Natalie, Twitter