Hinabitter’s new albums - “Five Drops”

Hinabitter’s new albums - “Five Drops”

Hinabitter’s story has finally progressed into the fourth season, with the release of five solo mini-albums “Five Drops 01 – 05” by each of the girls. This is the second time the Hinabitter girls have done solo songs since Hinabitter’s birth back in 2013.

The Hinabitter story is divided into seasons, which marks major progress in the story. In the real world, each season introduces a set of five to ten new songs. The first three seasons were as such.

Season 1 – The formation of Hinabitter. Each girl had a solo song and they did one song together for a total of six songs.

1)      Koi to King Kong / Yamagata Marika

2)      Ibu no jidai / Izumi Ibu

3)      Meumeu pettantan / Meu Meu

4)      Tottemo tottemo, arigatou / Kasuga Sakiko

5)      Kokuu to koumyou no discourse / Shimotsuki Rin

6)      Rintoshite saku Hana no gotoku ~Hinabitter edition~ / Hinabitter

Season 2 – The Hinabitter girls were introduced further. The girls paired up in different combinations for duets.

7)      Chikuwa parfait dayo CKP / Marika and Meu

8)      Catharsis no tsuki / Ibu and Rin

9)      Hauntedmaid lunch / Meu and Sakiko

10)   Hashire melonpan / Marika and Ibu

11)   Horobi ni Itaru ellampsis / Rin and Sakiko

Season 3 – Hinabitter’s rivals Coconatsu made their appearance. The rivalry began with an idol contest, intensified, and ended in friendship between the two parties as the Hinabitter girls helped Natsuhi and Cocona overcome their personal problems. More duets from Hinabitter were introduced. With these, every possible pairing between the five Hinabitter girls were completed. Coconatsu duet and solo songs were also introduced.

12)   Mirai Prism / Coconatsu

13)   Tokai seifuku Girls / Ibu and Meu

14)   Onkochishin de iko! / Marika and Sakiko

15)   Kimi we gosachi / Coconatsu

16)   Metsubou tenshi † nikokyuppin / Meu and Rin

17)   Otome ryouran mai sakihokore / Ibu and Sakiko

18)   Pomegranate / Coconatsu

19)   Two man live / Shinonome Natsuhi

20)   Kimochi connect / Shinonome Cocona

21)   Suigetsukyouka no connotation / Marika and Rin

And with that we have come to season 4, which introduced a new important character, Kuryouzutsumi Matoi.

As Hinabitter’s efforts to revitalize their town were recognized by the town council, they were named the ambassadors of Kuranogawa. Matoi was sent to act as the town manager and further promote the town. She started this blog to introduce Kuranogawa, Hinabitter, and Coconatsu to the world.

She even introduces the weather, and events going on in the town. She also takes surveys from Hinabitter fans on what they would like to see from Kuranogawa. Konami takes the Hinabitter project really seriously. For example, take a look at this town map.

You can click on various spots on the map to read detailed explanations of interesting places in Kuranogawa.

In addition to the debut of Matoi, the second wave of solo songs from the Hinabitter girls was started. Season 4 is still ongoing, but for now the songs are :

22)   Ronron he Rairairai / Coconatsu (Season 4 actually started with a Coconatsu song)

23)   Neko*neko / Yamagata Marika

24)   Getsuatsu☆majiyaba☆cheer girl / Izumi Ibu

25)   Shikoku no special princess Sunday / Kasuga Sakiko

26)   Chihou sousei☆chikuwatics / Meu Meu

27)   Fractal genshou no tenmatsu to tanitsu shikousei no kanjouron / Shimotsuki Rin

All 27 songs I listed are available on iTunes.

Each Hinabitter girl will release one mini-album of eight songs, with a fixed format. Track 1 is their solo songs from season 1. Track 2 is their new solo songs from season 4. Track 3 and 4 are completely new songs. Track 5 is a Hinabita cover of an existing song composed by Tomosuke (Hinabitter’s producer). Track 6 to 8 are instrumental versions of track 2 to 4.

At the time of writing, “Five Drops 01 -sunny orange-“ by Yamagata Marika, “Five Drops 02 -honey lemon-“ by Izumi Ibu, and “Five Drops 03 -strawberry milk-“ by Meu Meu have been released. “Five Drops 04 -pure grape-“ by Kasuga Sakiko and “Five Drops 05 -bergamot mint-“ by Shimotsuki Rin will be released on 3 February and 17 February respectively.

These mini-albums also come with serial codes to unlock appeal cards on Sound Voltex, graficas on Museca, and physical stickers to paste on Konami’s e-amusement cards. Hinabitter fans living in countries with these games can consider buying the albums for these exclusive items.

In other news, just a few days ago Coconatsu have announced their first album “Synchronote”! I am personally very excited about this. Right now only ten of the fifteen tracks are out, so it will still be a while before all information is out. Look forward to that!

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