Hinabitter & Coconatsu First Event “Sakura Matsuri”/Chikuwa Hime Results

Desheng Chen
Hinabitter & Coconatsu First Event “Sakura Matsuri”/Chikuwa Hime Results

Sakura Matsuri (桜まつり), the first ever talk show/fan meeting with the voice actresses of Hinabitter and Coconatsu, will be held on 17 April 2016 at Miraichushin Hall, Kurayoshi city, Tottori prefecture. During the event, a new song will be announced.

Hinabitter has been around for more than 3 years, yet they have never held a live event before. This is supposedly to keep the focus on Hinabitter itself rather than the voice actresses. Now that Hinabitter has an established fan base, there is no longer a need for such secrecy.

Unfortunately, not all voice actresses will be attending the event. Igarashi Hiromi (Meu Meu) and Mizuhara Kaoru (Shimotsuki Rin) will be absent. Everyone else will be present; Yamaguchi Ai (Kasuga Sakiko), Hidaka Rina (Yamagata Marika), Tsuda Minami (Izumi Ibu), Hinami Yuri (Shinonome Natsuhi), and Ozawa Ari (Shinonome Cocona).

Kurayoshi is where Hinabitter’s fictional town of Kuranogawa is based on. It is extremely inaccessible from most parts of Japan. From Tokyo it will take either a domestic flight or 7 hours of train ride to reach the destination. 


According to Tomosuke, producer of Hinabitter, the decision to hold the event at Kurayoshi was made to allow fans to fully experience the atmosphere of the Hinabitter world. After all, the whole premise of Hinabitter was the girls forming a band hoping to get famous and attract people to their countryside town and revive the Hinatabi shopping district.

Only 300 fans can attend the event. They have to ballot for the entrance ticket, which is free. This is a chance for Konami to find out how far (literally) fans will go to meet the Hinabitter girls.

Here’s another piece of news. The result for Chikuwa Hime Ketteisen is out, and the winner is…

Shimotsuki Rin!

With an incredible 318,886 votes, the title of Chikuwa Hime goes to the quiet and pessimistic electric guitarist of Hinabitter.

In the near future, Rin’s edition of “Kurokami midareshi shuura ni narite” will be out in all Bemani games, with a nice and proper movie attached. New illustrations can also be expected.

It’s a great day for Rin fans all over the world.

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