Jpop Summit Festival 2014 in San Francisco's Japan Town Giveaway!

Jason Sio

Jpop Summit 2014


We have a big surprise for those people that will attend this year’s 2014 J-pop summit festival in San Francisco this weekend! (07/19-07/20) If you can spot our staff wearing a nametag that says “Apartment507” with a picture of an elephant, you will be given a free iTunes card! The giveaway will be given to the first 7 people to greet us! We will be at Japan Town from 11am in the morning till 3pm in the afternoon on both days!

We don’t have a booth so lookout for the name tag and don’t be shy and say hello or konnichiwa! One or two of our staff will be there to check out the festival, be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Attendees can check out the official website for event times and schedules. There will be a lot going on, so make sure you go! Live music, cosplay, ramen festivals and a lot more! Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest update!

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