A Quck Run Through of the Six New Features of Crossbeats REV Sunrise

A Quck Run Through of the Six New Features of Crossbeats REV Sunrise

The latest version of Capcom’s rhythm game, Crossbeats REV Sunrise, was recently launched in Japan on April 28th. I went to give the game a try, and noticed that many new features introduced in this version. Here’s a quick summary of the features.

1) Introduction of new partners

In addition to Akatsuki, the mascot character of Crossbeats, two new characters, Sun and Chronia are introduced.

In the settings option, players could choose any of the three characters to be their Partner. Partners talk to you and give you instructions during play.

2) Note Support Feature

Two types of visual support features are introduced, Phobus and Kries. “Phobus”, when enabled, causes the location of the next note to light up shortly become the note appears. Kries, when enabled, causes a ring to appear around notes, which makes them easier to read. Either Phobus, or Kries,  or both features can be enabled.

3) First Note Indicator

This was a feature Konami introduced to Jubeat ages ago, and Capcom decided to addput it in Crossbeats too. Right from the start of a song, a “start” is indicated at the location of the first note so players could be prepared for it.

4) New game mode, “Premium Mode”

In addition to “Music Play mode”, “Challenge mode”, and “Local battle mode”, there is now a “Premium Mode” which costs twice the price of the other modes at two credits instead of one. It is similar to Music Play mode, except it enables the important “Retry” feature, which allows players to retry a song any time during a song up to 4 times. This is particularly important for players aiming for a full combo or 100%. The moment a player gets one miss he can immediately restart the song rather than waste time with the rest of the song. Premium mode also gives 1.5 times RevChips (which are used to unlock new songs) compared to the other modes.

5) Adversary feature

To put it very simply, it’s a friend and rival feature, which many other rhythm games already have. It allows players to add rivals through the game’s official website. Rivals’ scores will display at the end of each song. A player can only add four rivals, but can be added as a rival by any number of players.

6) Direct continue

After the end of each play, there is now an option to continue directly to the next play instead of scanning the Aime card again.

With all these new features, Crossbeats is now a much improved game. It is good to see Capcom learning from top rhythm game companies such as Konami and Sega. Crossbeats still has much potential to grow seeing how it is still only at the second version.

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