Love Live School Idol Festival

Love Live School Idol Festival

Love Live has a legion of dedicated fans, many of whom literally worship the girls of μ’s. One of the great contributors to Love Live's popularity is the mobile game, Love Live School Idol Festival.

As of last month, Love live school idol festival has surpassed 20 million downloads. So, what exactly is so great about this game?

  1. Huge selection of songs of various genre.
  2. Competitive monthly events.
  3. The charming girls of μ’s in the fun slice-of-life story mode.
  4. Extremely addictive card collection features.

All of these points make for a nicely packaged game.

Story :

The story mode contains plenty of interaction between members of μ’s and serves as a good breather in-between songs. Most of the story chapters are pretty funny and give you a better idea of what the girls do when they are singing on stage.

Gameplay :

SIF’s basic gameplay is that of a rhythm game. It is a very simple rhythm, so this game is easy to get into even for people who has never played a rhythm game before.

To start playing a song, you need to use live points, which regenerates at a rate of 1 LP every six minutes in real time.


There are nine circles on the screen, forming a U shape. Simply tap or hold a circle on the screen when a note lands exactly within the circle. Like any other rhythm games there are different judgements for your taps. They are : perfect, great, good, bad, and miss.

Depending on how well you play, you will get a different grade for each song. There are three grades :  score, combo, and play count.

The nine circles each contain a card, which can be set by the player. Each card has its own ability which will activate during gameplay.

Card collection :

The other major aspect of SIF is its card collection features. This is completely optional. It is possible to unlock all songs in the game without bothering about this at all. With that said, getting good cards can help significantly with the gameplay. For example, some cards have the ability to increase your score every few seconds, which might give you enough of a score boost to push your score grade to the next level.

Cards come in four different rarities. Normal, rare, super rare, ultra rare. Scouting for cards is simple. Click on scout and pray really hard. Below are screenshots of the scouting screen.

There are three types of scouting. The screenshot on top shows regular scouting and honor scouting, while the one below shows SR/UR scouting. The rarities of the cards are summarised in the table below.


Regular scouting

Honor scouting

SR/UR scouting


















Cards come in three main attributes : smile, pure, and cool. A card of smile attribute will have high smile stats and lower pure and cool stats. The same applies to pure and cool cards.

All songs in SIF fall into either one of these three attributes. For a song of the smile attribute, playing it with a team of cards with high smile stats will result in a higher score for that song.

There are many features of card collection. Awakening a card, levelling a card, levelling up a card’s skill, and more.

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