Important starter tips for Granblue Fantasy

Important starter tips for Granblue Fantasy

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Here are two important tips regarding legend gacha and event monster raids for those new to Granblue Fantasy.

Legend Gacha :

Those who started Granblue Fantasy and did not roll any SSRs or SRs characters in their initial free roll might feel very tempted to use what little crystals they have to roll for one.  There’s always the option of restarting the game and trying until you roll an SSR/SR. But if you’re like me, then you have already spent several hours in the game and cannot be bothered to do this. So, the next best thing you can do is to complete all of the optional quests and stockpile your crystals until you have acquired 3000 of them. Once you get there you can do a 10-gacha roll which will guarantee you at least one SR.

At this point you have the choice to roll with your 3000 crystals right away, or you can exercise patience and wait for the last three days of the month for a legend fest. Doing this will increase the probability for an SSR showing up from 3% to 6%. That’s a pretty big increase! Do take note though that legend fest does not happen every month. There were legend fests in July, August, and September, but before July legend fests were a bi-monthly thing.

Rolling a SSR/SR character will make a big difference for starters, when even main quests can be quite challenging at times. You can get SR characters from events by just using them until their trust levels reach 100%, but SRs from gacha are stronger. Way stronger, even.

Event monster raids :

In the early stages of the game, joining event raids may not seem very meaningful as you cannot do much damage to monsters and they often are able to wipe out your entire party in one move while in overdrive state. Truth is, you can get plenty out of these raids. Enough to help you get through the main quest comfortably without spending any real money to roll for cards. Do take a break from the main quest every time you have BP available and join raids for the current event monsters. There will be the 2 BP, 3 BP, and 5 BP monster raids. Either one is fine. Preferably, pick one that has a good number of players in the raid, around 5 to 10, and also one where the monster is at around half of its HP. Any lower than half HP, the monster may die the moment you enter the raid. Your BP will be returned to you, but you will not get any experience or rank points and you would waste a good 30 seconds of time.


Once you are in the raid, start by debuffing the monster. Debuffing gives you a lot more contribution points than attacking, as you would not be able to deal any significant damage at low levels.

REMEMBER to click on stamp bubble and click on any stamps to receive an all-potion. Also, if you haven’t already done so, sending a help request to all players will also give you an all-potion. These two potions can make you last much longer and help you rake in those contribution points.

With the contribution points you can get plenty of helpful items. Most importantly, you can get the ongoing event’s SR weapons which can make your life a lot easier.

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