Hinabita's rivals - Coconatsu (ここなつ)

Hinabita's rivals - Coconatsu (ここなつ)

Meet Hinabita’s rival, the idol group Coconatsu! Coconatsu consists of elder sister Shinonome Natsuhi and younger sister Shinonome Cocona. The group name comes from the twin sisters’ names. Unlike Hinabita, which is a rock band, Coconatsu does various genre of electronic music such as technopop, dubstep, and trance.

Shinonome Natsuhi, a first year student in Sakurano high school. A city girl through and through, she holds the countryside town Kuranogawa in contempt. Though a professional performer who always puts in her all, she often causes trouble to those around her with her high and mighty attitude. She dislikes bands and thinks Hinabita’s music are out of fashion. She treasures her little sister Cocona and loves electronic dance music.

Shinonome Cocona, a first year student in Sakurano high school like Natsuhi. She is socially awkward, and uses a tablet to communicate with people. Unlike her ambitious sister, she became an idol for her sister. Loves animals and strange sweets. She often visits Hinatabi shopping district and likes Hinabita, and is often scolded by her sister for that. She also loves technopop and electronica.

The Coconatsu sisters were from Tokyo, but moved to the small town of Kuranogawa to help promote “Mirai Tower Hoshiyume”, a large futuristic shopping mall in the neighbouring town of Yura.

As a promotional event for Mirai Tower Hoshiyume, an idol contest was held by a famous record label in the live hall Luminous. Coconatsu and Hinabita both took part in this contest; Coconatsu won and Hinabita dropped out in the semi-finals. Even though Hinabita lost, they left a deep impression on Coconatsu.

Let's listen to their debut song, mirai prism, which they won the contest with.


Although Coconatsu were initially Hinabita’s rivals, during a break in their idol activities, they became friends with the Hinabita girls. They even collaborated for one song, chocolate smile. 


Since then, Natsuhi and Cocona have started working part-time at a Chinese restaurant “Ron Ron” in Ginza shopping district not far from Hinatabi shopping district. This is where the story is at right now.

Currently Coconatsu has six original songs. In chronological order, they are :

  1.       Mirai Prism
  2.       Kimi we gosachi
  3.       Pomegranate
  4.       Two man live
  5.       Kimochi connect
  6.       Ronron he rairairai!

You can find Coconatsu's songs on iTunes here.

Other than the listed songs, Natsuhi and Cocona also sang remixed versions of two existing bemani songs called, “Sayonara trip ~Natsuhi EDM edition~” and “Mahou no Tamago ~Cocona ELECTRO POP edition~” respectively. Both songs were originally composed by Hinabita producer Tomosuke and remixed by Sota Fujimori, another bemani artist who specialises in synthesizer trance.

With the exception of Ronron he Rairairai, all of Coconatsu’s songs can be found in either their first album “Mirai Prism” or Hinabita’s third album “Chocolate Smile Girls!!”.

Unfortunately, Coconatsu’s songs are not available in any of the mobile bemani games as of now. Most of their songs can be found in the arcade bemani games, Sound Voltex, Pop’n music, Beatstream, Jubeat and Reflec Beat.

More pictures of Coconatsu :

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