Granblue Fantasy - Ancient Battlefield event

An introduction to Granblue Fantasy's monthly ancient battlefield event as well as some useful tips. The current ongoing event is 幽幻の饗宴 (banquet of the ghosts). It is Halloween-themed, but otherwise it is just like any other ancient battlefield event.

Before we begin, let’s understand the terms used in this event. As this is a Halloween event, several terms are changed to fit the Halloween theme.

In Japanese

In Japanese (Halloween)

English translation

English translation (Halloween)







Contribution point




Raid medals









Halloween point



Battle currency : Ancient battlefield

Halloween token



Ancient battlefield exclusive items

Halloween exclusive items


I will use the usual ancient battlefield terms in this article rather than the Halloween ones as the Halloween terms will only be used once a year. If you have just started Granblue Fantasy and are playing this event, refer to the table to figure out the right terms.

Basics :

There are two kinds of battles in the ancient battlefield event. A multi-battle with the event boss, and a multi-battle with the mini-boss.

In the current event, the event boss is Jack-o’-lantern and Pumpkin Beast. The mini-boss is Pumpkin Head.

In order to fight the event boss, you need AP and items. For the current event, you need 30 AP and two jack candles to fight Jack-o’-lantern at the very hard difficulty (level 50) and 50 AP and 5 jack candles at the extreme difficulty. You need 50 AP and 8 jack candles to fight the Pumpkin Beast, which is at the extreme+ difficulty (level 70).

To get jack candles, you must fight the mini-boss; Pumpkin Head. You can fight the mini-boss with just AP. The Pumpkin Head come in three levels of difficulty as well. Normal, hard, and very hard (level 10, 30, and 40 respectively).


The harder the boss, the better the items and drop rates. You will receive contribution points and battle currency depending on how much damage you deal to a boss.

Use the battle currency to roll the event gacha and pray for an ancient battlefield weapon or the event SR weapons.

Ancient battlefield weapons :

At the start of the event, you will be asked to select one of the ten ancient battlefield weapons for your gacha reward. Ancient battlefield weapons are very powerful, and beginners should try to get one as soon as possible. Pick whichever weapon you think would benefit you the most. Once you have selected your weapon you cannot change it for the whole event, so make sure you choose wisely. Do take note that ancient battlefield weapons are all light elemental.

There are unlimited number of boxes of items for each event. You have the choice to reset the box after rolling the ancient battlefield weapon. This is recommended as there is only one ancient battlefield weapon per box. From the fourth box onwards, you will have to roll every single item within the box before you are allowed to reset the box. This means that the first four ancient battlefield weapons will be relatively easier to get.


Book maker :

Another feature of the ancient battlefield event is the book maker (it’s actually supposed to be a bookmaker but Japanese are not exactly known for their prowess in English). The book maker lets you bet on a winning area and you will receive crystals if you bet correctly.


For a period of five days during the event, there will be a battle between the top four areas with the highest contribution points. North land, south land, east land, and west land. Different guilds are randomly placed in one of the four areas at the start of the first day. The total contribution from all players in all guilds from  each area will be the total contribution points for that area. The contribution points come from players fighting either the event boss, or the mini-boss which I explained earlier.

By 6:00 pm Japan time, you will need to place your bets. The battle ends each day at 12:00 am Japan time, so there is a period of six hours when the area contribution points can swing drastically for or against your favor. There are five days of battles so you get to bet five times. Each time you can use as many betting tickets as you want.

In order to bet, you will require betting tickets. They can be obtained one of two ways :

  • From contribution point rewards.
  • Daily, if your guild gets 300,000 contribution points and you get 10,000 contribution points for that day.

There are two kinds of bets. Single area predictions and triple area predictions. Single area predictions require you to bet only one of the four areas. Triple area bets require you to bet the exact order of the top three areas correctly. As the triple area bet is much harder to guess correctly, the crystal rewards are far greater.

Left : Single area prediction. Right : Triple area prediction.

Betting for areas with the highest contribution points will return lesser crystal rewards, and vice versa.

You can get a lot of crystals if you bet the underdog areas and they somehow end up as the top areas at the end of the day. That is extremely unlikely though. If you definitely want to win some crystals, go ahead and bet safely.