A guide to finding Trails in the Sky SC's hidden items Gambler Jack

Update from the author : "I apologise for a mistake I made regarding vol. 10. I have corrected it to "after Carnelia Tower“ instead of “after Amberl Tower” now."


The much-anticipated Trails in the Sky SC was finally released on Steam and PS Vita released three weeks ago. This series is famous for its many missable items and quests. In the first chapter, there was the Carnelia book series. In this chapter, they are the Gambler Jack books. This will be a one-stop guide for those wishing to get all those pesky Gambler Jack volumes once and for all.

The Gambler Jack volumes are necessary for you to obtain two of the strongest weapons in the game. For those playing on Steam, there’s the achievement. The books themselves are a pretty good read as well.





Gambler Jack vol. 1


2F of Le Loche Inn, In the room nearest to the stairs. (only available after returning from the Saint-Croix forest.)

Gambler Jack vol. 2


Casino prize in Ruan’s Lavantar Casino and Bar. Trade with 100 medals. Can be obtained in chapter 8 as well.

Gambler Jack vol. 3


On the Cecilia airship at the start of the chapter. Talk to Olivier twice.

Gambler Jack vol. 4


In Grancel’s Erebonian Embassy. Talk to Nathan in the room on the top left corner of the Embassy after talking to the ambassador Lord Crainagh.

Gambler Jack vol. 5


In Grancel, when searching for Renne. Talk to Connor in the Baral Coffee House in the west area.

Gambler Jack vol. 6


After arriving at Rolent, talk to Serra in the house besides the bar.

Gambler Jack vol. 7


Talk to Private Mikey at the Kronne Pass Checkpoint in the first room after entering the gate. This has to be done during the “Wanted Monsters Bounty” main quest.

*If you are doing the quest “The Missing Lady”, make sure you talk to Mikey before you talk to Felicity as talking to Felicity will take you back to Grancel.

Gambler Jack vol. 8


Before going to Valleria Shore for the main quest “Break at the Lakeside, talk to Lewey in Ravennue village.

Gambler Jack vol. 9


Before going to Valleria Shore for the main quest “Break at the Lakeside”, talk to Carlos outside Haken gate.

*Take note that you have to go out of your way to Haken Gate as the plot does not require you to go there.

Gambler Jack vol. 10


After clearing Carnelia Tower (and before starting Sapphirl Tower), include Kloe in your party and talk to the cat Antoine on the deck of the airship Arseille.

Gambler Jack vol. 11


After clearing the hidden quest “Rescue the Miners” at Malga Mines, talk to Serra in Abend Bar.

Gambler Jack vol. 12


After clearing the hidden quest “Occupation of Jenis” at Jenis Royal Academy, talk to the students in the humanities classroom at 1F of the main school building.

*Note : I cannot remember the name of the student so please talk to all of them in the classroom.

Gambler Jack vol. 13


After clearing the hidden quest “Hot Spring Restoration” at Elmo village, talk to CWO Pace at Wolf Fort.

*Take note that you have to go out of your way to Wolf Fort as the plot does not require you to go there.

Gambler Jack vol. 14


After handing out the Zero Field Generators to all the Bracer Guilds, talk to the old lady Minuet in Bose Market.


Once you have collected all of them, you can give them to Baral on the 3F of Grancel Bracer Guild during the main quest “Danger in the Capital” at the end of chapter 8. I took a screenshot since he’s not that easy to spot.

After handing him all the books, he will give you the Zemuria stone in return.

In the final chapter, in the Residential Block – Cradle’s west building, talk to the terminal to receive Data Crystal Z.

After receiving Data Crystal Z, proceed to the south building and talk to the terminal. Choose “read crystal”, and you will receive a second Zemuria stone.

This is a map of Residential Block – Cradle. I have circled in red the two buildings you need to visit.

Return to Arseille and talk to Professor Russel. He will use the Zemuria stones to make two of the nine strongest weapons in the game. Do choose wisely as you cannot change the weapons afterward. 


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