Granblue Fantasy – Start Dash Gacha, Surprise Gacha, and 90 Yen Legend Gacha

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Granblue Fantasy – Start Dash Gacha, Surprise Gacha, and 90 Yen Legend Gacha

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For those who play Granblue Fantasy, love it, and think you won’t mind spending some money to make your adventures go a lot smoother, have you ever wonder how exactly to go about making the most of that money? Are you aware that you can pick a weapon/character-unlock/summon stone of your liking?

<Start Dash Gacha>


Cost : 3000 yen

Items : Legend Gacha 10 rolls ticket, and exchange ticket.

The former gives you the usual Legend Gacha 10 rolls ticket, and the latter gives you a ticket that can be exchanged for almost every weapon/character-unlock weapon/summon stone in the game.

As of November 2015, the summon stones listed below cannot be exchanged.

Bahamut, Lucifer, The Order Grande, Zeus, Titan, Hades, Agnis, Zephyrus.

These are some of the most powerful summons in the game, so Cygames decided to make them harder to get. You will have to get these the hard way, through the Gatcha system.

For everything else, you can get with the exchange ticket.

The Start Dash Gacha is available for one week after you start the game. However, for those who missed that first week, it will appear again after 30 days. Second time onwards it only lasts 48 hours so you have to grab it quickly if you intend to.

<Surprise Gacha/Anniversary Gacha>

These cost the same and give the same items as the Start Dash Gacha, but so far they have been appearing every two to three months, when there are special events or anniversaries. As Granblue Fantasy started on 2014/3/10, there has only been one Anniversary Gacha so far. It’s quite safe to say there will be one coming on 2016/3/10.

<Daily 90 Yen Legend Gacha>

Once a day you can roll a Legend Gacha, which will give you SSR/SR/R, at just 90 yen. Second roll onwards it will become the usual 300 yen per roll. This resets at 5am Japan Standard Time every day.

Even if you do not wish to roll this every day, it is quite worth it to at least roll it during Legend Fest days.

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