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Reflec Beat

Reflec Beat + is a rhythm game available on the iOS. It is one of the few Bemani games available on mobile. Like Jubeat, it features Hinabita and Coconatsu songs. As the arcade version of Reflec Beat is not available in USA and most parts of the world, this article will only feature the mobile version.

Gameplay :

Reflec Beat is quite a different rhythm game from Jubeat, as well as every other rhythm game out there. This is because Reflec Beat utilizes a random number generator for a song chart’s notes, giving you a slightly different chart every play. Also, it is a battle-based rhythm game.

To start, this is how Reflec Beat works.

Pick a song from the music select screen.

Select a game mode. If you choose single player mode (left pink button), you will play with a CPU. If you choose two player mode (right pink button), you can play with a friend. Note that the two player mode is local only, meaning your friend has to play on the other side of your iPhone or iPad. There is no online mode unlike Jubeat +.

You can choose to be the red or blue player, or let the game decide for you.

 Lastly, you can adjust your rival level to make the CPU stronger or weaker. Once you're ready go ahead and start the song by pressing either single or two player mode. 

There are two sides on the screen. Top and bottom. The bottom is the player. The top is the opponent, which can either be a friend or a CPU.

The circles all over the screen are the notes you are supposed to hit. Officially they’re known as “objects”. There are several types of objects.

1)      Normal objects
2)      Gold-rimmed objects
3)      Long objects
4)      Top objects (the green ones)
5)      Connected objects

Those are all the objects you will see in Reflec Beat +, but in the latest arcade version there are also vertical objects and slide objects. Hopefully Reflec Beat + will get those features eventually.

Reflec Beat is actually a very straight forward game. No matter what kind of object it is, you basically just have to tap the bottom line when an object touches that line. For long objects you have to keep holding down until the entire object ends.

When you tap an object, depending on how accurate your timing is, you will get one of these four judgements. In descending order of good timing, they are : Just, great, good, miss.

For gold-rimmed objects, you can choose to flick the object diagonally towards the opponent to launch the object at the opponent at a much faster speed in a move known as “Just Reflec”. The word “just” is due to the fact that this move can only be pulled off if you flick an object after hitting it at a “just” timing.

As for top objects, they will go towards the three circles above the bottom line. You are supposed to tap these circles as the green objects enter them.

I mentioned earlier that this game utilizes a random number generator (RNG) earlier on. The RNG basically is applied to the trajectory of the objects. When the objects are generated they are given a random trajectory and can either reach you in a straight line or through reflecting off the left and right walls. The reflection is actually where the name of the game comes from.

I also mentioned that this is a battle-based rhythm game. There are two scores, the achievement rate and the score. The achievement rate is shown in the bar above the bottom line. The score is the huge number in the middle of the screen.

The achievement rate only depends on your timing, e.g. how many just/great/good/miss you get in a song. On the other hand, the score depends on several factors.

1)      Your judgement for all the notes in the song.
2)      The number of times you “just reflec”. Each time increases score by 10.
3)      The number of times you do not hit a “just reflec” object from your opponent. Each time deducts score by 10.
4)     Two misses gives 10 bonus score. 1 miss gives 25 bonus score. Full combo gives 50 bonus score.

Therefore, even if you play better than your opponent in terms of achievement rate, it does not necessarily mean you beat him in score. You must make him eat the “just reflec” objects as many times as possible. This battle element is the one thing that makes Reflec Beat different from most rhythm games.

This picture of the result screen clearly shows the two different scores, both your own and your opponent’s.

With all that said, here's a video of the game.


Reflec Beat Store :

There are many music packs you can buy from the Reflec Beat store. Just like Jubeat, each pack contains four songs and costs 500 yen.

You can choose to listen to a short preview of the songs. For licensed songs, you can click on the “Download on iTunes” button to be redirected to the iTunes store and purchase those songs.

Customization :

You can change the song selection screen BGM, object sound effect, object visual effect, background during gameplay, object size, and gauge style. You can also unlock more effects by purchasing them with lime points, which you get by playing songs.

Unlike Jubeat +, which is quite different from the original Jubeat due to the difference between touch screen and actual buttons, Reflec Beat + is exactly the same as its arcade version, albeit a smaller version. However, if you play it on an iPad Pro, it really is very close to the original game. Do give it a try and I hope you will like it.

Get Reflec Beat + on the App Store.

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