A Sneak Peek of Paranormal Kiss: The Unique Dating Sim and Battle RPG

Cristy Cuadra
A Sneak Peek of Paranormal Kiss: The Unique Dating Sim and Battle RPG

Having an otome game that is also a battle RPG seems like a farfetched idea before—that is, until GMO Game Center proved that such a thing is possible with their upcoming game Paranormal Kiss.

Paranormal Kiss is a mobile game for iOS and Android with a dating sim and a tactical RPG, a concept that is rare in most games today. Slated to be released in  Spring 2017 in Japan, China, and Korea, you can now date men with special abilities and battle terrorist groups in this romance adventure game!

Living Amidst Beautiful Men With Special Abilities

The game is set in futuristic Tokyo, where “Normals” and “Paranormals” co-exist. A “Paranormal” is a person with special abilities, while “Normals” are ordinary human beings. The player takes on the role of a girl who was assigned to become the commander of  S.T.R.A. (Stella), an anti-terrorist organization. You, together with your subordinates, will go through dangerous missions as paranormal agents.



There are six main characters involved in the main story:

Tsukishiro Hiroto
CV: Morikubo Showtaro
He has the ability to move instantaneously in a blink of an eye.
“Hm? You’re the new substitute commander? Hm~ You’re really cute!”

Kagami Natsume
CV: Suwabe Junichi
He has the ability to transform himself into someone else.
“Is that so~? You’re the new substitute commander? Damn, you’re letting out the fragrance of a little devil.”

Shimizu Satoru
CV: Masuda Toshiki
He has the ability to read the minds of other people (with a time limit).
“Yo! Nice to meet you! You’re the new substitute commander?”

Doujima Tetsu
CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke
He has the ability to have instantaneous bursts of power.
“You’re the new substitute commander? … Nice to meet you.”

Shindou Sekai
CV: Ishikawa Kaito
He has the ability to control the human body.
“… Really, you’re the new substitute commander? You look like someone worth tormenting…”

Ichjou Tetora
CV: Kaji Yuki
He has the ability to control other people by bewitching them.
“So you’re the new substitute commander. …You’re cuter than expected, that surprises me a bit.”

Other agents that will accompany you in your missions include:

Fujiwara Minato
She is a beautiful girl who has an ability that will not lose to the main character!

Himekawa You
He is a cute and soft-spoken boy who has the ability to control plants.

Explore the 19th Ward of Tokyo With Your Favorite Agent!

The player’s HP levels will be consumed as the main story progresses. There are two parts of the main story: the Story Part where the story continues in adventure mode, and the Mission Part where you will do missions with your preferred agent. The story starts after choosing the stage within the 19th Ward and selecting the agent who will accompany you. The player’s HP rises as the player’s level rises.

You’re on your way to the inauguration ceremony as S.T.R.A.’s newest commander when a security robot suddenly attacks you. You are saved by another paranormal named Hiroto, who turns out to be one of your subordinates.

There are a few areas which you can select as the stage at first, but the options will increase as you play.

Once you have seen a particular scene, you can go back and replay it by using the album. No need to consume HP just to replay your favorite scenes!

Battle Your Way Throughout The Missions!

You can participate in battles through the Mission Part where you can control your selected characters and defeat your enemies. There will be three agents that will accompany you in your mission: it can either be one main (controllable) character and two supporting (non-controllable) characters or vice versa. The first main character whom you have selected before in the story will also participate.

You can see the HP levels of your subordinates at the bottom left of the screen. As the story progresses, the number of enemies and the game’s difficulty will increase, so it is possible to get knocked down without doing anything.

Tap the three buttons at the bottom right of the screen to start playing. When you tap the "ATTACK!" Button, the character moves in front of the enemy and starts attacking. Continuous attacks can be easily extended by pressing the keys even further. You can also move your character by yourself by swiping the characters to move up, down, left and right over the field divided into 3 lanes.

You can switch between the members of your party by using the “CHANGE” button. On the other hand, you can use the “SPECIAL” button when the light gauge at the bottom of the screen becomes full. This button enables you to activate a special skill.

As you progress through the game, the characters will increase their intimacy and level.

Once you have spent enough intimacy time with a character, a secret character story will be unlocked. Each character has their own story, and you will spend a moment with the said character and see an unexpected side to them which you will never see in the main story. Not only the main characters will have their own story; the scouts will have their own storyline too!

Rihito was lured in by the smell of the main character’s lunch. It’s as if he teleported....

There is also a part called “LIFESTYLE” where you can customize the appearance of your character. Changing your avatar’s appearance will affect your character in the mission part, so make sure to coordinate your fashion choices in order to bring out the best in your character! Improving your style improves your character’s abilities as well!

Paranormal Kiss’ premise may sound overly serious, but the interactions between the main characters lighten the mood of the game. Even if you aren’t good at role-playing games, they have ensured that you will have an easy time playing the game with its simple controls.

Changing your strategies and character combinations in the mission part makes this game really enjoyable, as a character will react differently with the others. There will be lots of serious action and story development in the game as you progress further, so whether you’re a boy or a girl, you will surely enjoy this game!



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