Animal Crossing New Horizons- How to Make Bell Efficiently

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Animal Crossing New Horizons- How to Make Bell Efficiently


Released on March 20, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been one of the most popular games on Nintendo Switch. Within 3 days after release, more than 1,880,000 are reported to have been sold. As more people stay inside and help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, they have been enjoying exploring the beautiful world of their own island and socializing with charming weirdos.  Here are a few tips and tricks to get those bells more efficiently. 

First of all, In order to make bells more Efficiently,  you can collect garden weeds all over the island and sell them. Nintendo Direct confirms that you can sell these annoying garden weeds that keep popping up on the ground. The amount of these weeds is unlimited, so take your time and you will be banking. With that in mind, try the “Greedy Weeder” quest for Nook Miles (Tanuki Mileage). Contribute to the beautification of the island, earn money from weeds, and make Tom Nook happy. It’s a Win-Win.


Second tip, you can go on a tour and collect materials. You will need to earn 2000 Nook Miles and redeem the Mile Travel Ticket available at the Nook Stop. Then, visit Dodo Airlines to arrange an island-hopping tour. These islands are randomly selected every time you embark on a tour, and there are numerous amounts of ingredients, insects, flowers and other materials for DIY projects. Iron ore and money rocks, which are both rarely found on your mainland, are frequently found on these islands selected for a tour. For the most efficiency, make sure to bring tools like a shovel, an axe, a fishing pole and/or a butterfly net with you. Do not forget anything on the island since there is no way to get them back once you leave. 

Moreover, you can keep hitting these rocks with a shovel in search of Money Rock. Remove all the weeds around the rock, dig holes around it as shown below to hit it eight times consecutively, and you will make 16,100 bells. Other types of materials you can get from rocks include iron nuggets, gold nuggets, pieces of clay and stones. Gold nuggets are extremely rare and can be used to upgrade tools; therefore, it is recommended you keep them. You can also trade them with other players. Furthermore, there is a tip for efficiency: Since there are only eight stones on the island, you would want to have these stones adjacent to each other. To do so, eat fruits and break each stone to see if they are replaced at your preferred spot the next day.  


Where there is Money Rock, there will be a Money Tree as well. Look for glowing spots on the ground where you can obtain 1000 bells as you dig. If you have a golden shovel, you can also bury a bag of bells on these spots to grow Money Tree. As a grown tree, it will have three bags of bells of the original amount. Importantly, remember that the chance of success depends on the number of bells that you bury, and you will never have a 100% chance. 

You can also try buying and selling turnips once you have enough bells for investment. Every Sunday morning, find Daisy Mae wandering around your town square. The price varies everyday just like stocks in the real world. You can check the selling price at Timmy and Tommy in Nook’s Cranny. There are things to remember: 1) these turnips get rotten, so be sure to sell them within a week of purchase. 2) Don’t roll back time in settings since turnips automatically get rotten. 3) You can’t store turnips in your home, so you will have to cut some trees and place them outside. 

Like the previous series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets you explore an island full of activities: cultivating fruits, growing flowers, going fishing, catching insects, shopping at stores, making furniture, socializing with residents, and more. Since money is inseparable from these activities, knowing these methods of gathering bells will help you to become a more successful island owner. 


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