Attack on Titan: Escape From Certain Death 3DS Game’s Release Date Moved to May 11

Cristy Cuadra
Attack on Titan: Escape From Certain Death 3DS Game’s Release Date Moved to May 11

Are you looking for more Attack on Titan? Fret not because there’s going to be plenty of it this year!

Following the hype from the upcoming second anime season in April, Attack on Titan will also have a new 3DS game, which will be released on May 11th. Attack on Titan: Escape From Certain Death (Shingeki no Kyojin: Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu) is an adventure visual novel game and will feature most of the series’ cast. It was originally slated to be released on March 30th.

Escape From Certain Death will feature an original storyline with an original character, who assumes the position of the player. The player character is a member of the Survey Corps who is investigating an old castle outside the walls. After the Titan’s attack, the player ends up in the castle’s basement with a broken 3D maneuver gear. The player must coordinate with the other members of the Survey Corps in order to escape the castle unscathed.

A trailer for the game began streaming in February. The trailer shows the gameplay and the original story, where the player can see the “unexpected sides” of a character based on your interactions with them.


KOEI Tecmo’s Ruby Party, a team that is known for otome games, is developing the game along with WIT Studio, the anime’s animation studio.

Information about the game’s system and events were released last December and featured the characters interacting with the player. More details about the game’s events can be read here.

On the other hand, details about the exploration part of the game were released on March 17. The exploration part is divided into three parts:

  1. A hopeless situation while waiting for the Survey Corps
  2. Cooperate with your partner and aim for survival!
  3. Do whatever it takes in order to survive

A Hopeless Situation While Waiting For The Survey Corps

The setting of the game is an old castle outside the walls. An unprecedented situation awaits you as you try to survive. Numerous eerie rooms have spread out in the basement.

A library that contains lots of books. Although there seem to be valuable books that are not normally available....

A warehouse with only a few items left in it... Let's search every corner to see if there are any clues left.

There are also hidden tricks in the room. At first glance it looks like an ordinary shelf, but if you look closely…

  A dubious portrait where the face part was torn. Is there anything here too?

Cooperate With Your Partner And Aim For Survival!

Cooperation with your partner is essential if you want to escape the old castle unscathed! Even if you’re stuck with no clues at hand, you can find some hints just by listening to your partner.

You can select one of the series’ cast as your partner throughout the entire game. You will team up with them and face a lot of things that will reveal an unexpected side to the characters.

Jean carries you as he tries to get you away from the Titans.

Connie tries to save you from falling down the basement.

Mikasa is relieved to finally hear Eren’s voice on the other line. Even when they’re apart, their hearts are always connected!

Do Whatever It Takes To Survive

While facing a lot of mysteries as you try to escape the old castle, one of the key to survival is by using the items that you’ve found in every room that you enter and by talking repeatedly with your companions for more clues.

There is a mystery question before you can open a door inside the castle. You can also solve the problem through the use of synapse links, which you can get from the hints you have obtained from your conversations with your companions.


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