Browser Game “Muv-Luv Alternative Strike Frontier” Launches Service. Combat Beta With Your Very Own Platoon!

DMM GAMES has just launched the online browser game Muv-Luv Alternative Strike Frontier on 20th of September. It is the latest title in the acclaimed Muv-Luv series and is based on Muv-Luv Alternative, which is developed under the direction of Muv-Luv creator âge.

About Muv-Luv

Âge released Muv-luv in 2003 and Muv-Luv Alternative in 2006. Since then there have been many spin-off titles based on the same universe, and the series have attracted a broad and loyal fanbase.

Muv-Luv Alternative Strike Frontier’s System

Strike Frontier can be played even without any knowledge of the previous titles. The game features a new story written by Tashiro Hayato, the original writer of the series.


In Strike Frontier, you can create your very own platoon TSF (Tactical Surface Fighter) pilots trained by you. You can have them pilot various TSF according to your needs.


Combat BETA (Beings of Extra Terrestrial Origins) with your TSF platoon and guide mankind to victory.


Kagami Sumika

Tamase Miki

Tactical Surface Fighter

For more information and updates, visit Muv-Luv Alternative Strike Frontier Twitter Page.

Muv-Luv Alternative was one of the most highly rated visual novels of all time, so it was only a matter of time before it was brought back in some form. The story has properly concluded, but to think that they would gotten Tashiro Hayato to write a new one for the game… it feels like they are not done milking the franchise just yet.

That said, this game kicked off to a great start, with 320,000 pre-registers. Not much information is out regarding the gameplay yet, but for Muv-Luv fans interested in finding that out for yourself, here’s the link to the game.