Fantasy Earth Genesis: Engage in 50 vs. 50 PVP Battles on your Smartphone!

Cristy Cuadra
Fantasy Earth Genesis: Engage in 50 vs. 50 PVP Battles on your Smartphone!

Fantasy Earth Zero
will now be available for Android and iOS under the name Fantasy Earth Genesis, as announced by Square Enix and mobile app developer Asobimo at the Tokyo Game Show 2017. Unlike the usual player-versus-player (PVP) battles where a party consists of three to six players, you can now join battles where one party can reach up to 50 players!

First appearing in 2006, Fantasy Earth Zero has been famous for having PVP battles on a massive scale. The latest installment to the Fantasy Earth series is set hundreds of years before the events appearing in Fantasy Earth Zero. While it was said that new elements unique to smartphones have been added, features that made the series a hit such as real-time, large-scale warfare, construction of structures, and kingdom-versus-kingdom battles have been retained in Fantasy Earth Genesis.

Fantasy Earth Genesis is set in the world of Melfalia, which has been surrounded by “crystals.” These crystals are needed in order to build a structure or summon a unit of war—hence, countries have engaged in wars to expand their territory and gain more of these crystals. After the downfall of the Turkmire Empire, massive crystal reserves have been discovered in the center of the continent. Because of this, alliances between countries have begun to form, all of them with a single goal in sight: the crystals.

Crystals are needed in order to build structures, which are used mainly in battle.

Aside from building structures, you can also summon beasts through the use of your crystals.

Just like Fantasy Earth Zero, the main objective of the game is to expand their alliance’s territory by engaging in battles between the three major alliances: Eilzan, Adelvar and Kemudov. Players can expand their domain by summoning beasts with various abilities, as well as by constructing structures such as buildings, scaffolds, and obelisks, which players can use as a part of their strategy in order to inflict damage upon the enemy.

Eilzan, the alliance whose goal is world peace.
Adelvar, an alliance that wishes to revive the empire without corruption.
Kemudov, an alliance that wants to pursue a technology that doesn’t rely on crystals.
You can expand your territory by destroying the enemy’s base through battles between alliances.

The most notable feature is the massive battles between the warring alliances—there can be a maximum of 50 players on each team, which puts a total of 100 players in the battlefield. If you are used to battles that only involves a small number of participants, then this will definitely be a challenge for you!

The 50 vs. 50 battle royales are definitely one of the highlights of every game in the Fantasy Earth series.

Fantasy Earth Zero is slated to be released as a free download in Japan this Winter. There hasn’t been any announcement for a Western release, but just like the previous games, we can expect that it will be released eventually.



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