Legend of Arsmagna Launches Officially! A RPG That Uses A Fast-Paced Character-switching “Semi RealTime Turn System”

DMM.com and FUNYOURS JAPAN launched browser game “Legend of Arsmagna” on the DMM GAMES platform on 9th of August, 2016. It is a freemium game in which basic gameplay is free, but certain items cost money.

Legend of Arsmagna is a RPG developed by Taiwanese company FUNYOURS technology. It uses beautiful character illustrations in dialogues and SD (super deformed) characters in a “semi real time turn” battle system. It’s skill system with a high degree of freedom and equipment system are two of its outstanding features.

With the launch of the game, a campaign that hands out login bonuses for a few days has started. Limited-time event stages have also started. Twitter campaigns for pre-registered players are also noteworthy.

<Launch Campaign – 7 days login bonuses>

Login bonuses include premier ticket (allows one premier gacha) and high level breakthrough ticket (GR), N ticket kiwami (10 + 1 normal gacha), and more. Do login for these attractive bonuses!

Campaign period :

9 August 2016 1100 - 17 August 2016 1059

Receive bonuses from “login browse (ログイン一覧)” on the top-right corner of screen, open the “continuous (連続)” tab, and click on “receive (受取)” from the various sections.

*If you do not login on consecutive days, the login bonus will reset to the first day’s.

<Launch commemoration event>

“Freyas garrison” event stage starts. Various stages in Freyas garrison will have “battle manuals” drops that gives mercenary experience points. Also, upon clearing stage 1-3, 2-3, 3-3, you will receive “certificates” that can be used to exchange for armors. Make good use of this event to strengthen your mercenaries!

Campaign period :

9 August 2016 1100 - 17 August 2016 1059

During this time period, “Freyas garrison” will appear within the “Attack > Activity” tab. Clearing the various stages in Freyas garrison will give you special items.

<Huge discount for first-time gacha! Get strong characters with premier gacha!>

For the first premier gacha, you get to enjoy a huge discount. Normally 1 premier gacha costs 350 DMM points and 10 + 1 premier gacha costs 3500 DMM points. Discounted price is 90/900 DMM points respectively.

Notable characters are :

UR Christina

UR Madelene

UR Warren

<Twitter follow campaign is ongoing>

The twitter follow campaign that started on 26 July 2016 and lasted till the game launch will be extended to 31 August 2016 1100. There will be wonderful presents if followers go beyond a certain number.

Campaign period :

26 July 2016 – 31 August 2016 1100

Official Twitter URL


Campaign rewards

100 followers: Normal ticket (for one normal gacha) x 1

250 followers: Premier ticket (for one premier gacha) x 1

500 followers: Limit break ticket (for one use of limit break) x 1

1000 followers: Premier ticket (for one premier gacha) x 2

2500 followers: Limit break ticket (for one use of limit break) x 1

5000 followers: Premier ticket (for one premier gacha) x 3

10,000 followers: Limit break ticket (for one use of limit break) x 2

Here is the official website of the game.

This game reminds me of Granblue Fantasy in many ways, but this game is only playable on a browser. FUNYOURs technology have also developed several other browser games, such as “Tsukumo Hime” and “Lemuria ~strada of chain~” and the now dead “Kengeki no Sotiras” and “Mugen no Ziggrat”. It seems like there’s a million of these low-budget freemium browser games nowadays, but few will ever become as successful as Granblue Fantasy and Kancolle. Here’s hoping this game will distinguish itself from all the others.

[Article source: http://www.4gamer.net/games/350/G035092/20160810028/]