Legend of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki Major Update - Main Story Chapter 3 Unlocked

Legend of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki Major Update - Main Story Chapter 3 Unlocked

Userjoy Japan had a major update for the online RPG “Legend of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki on the 29th of September 2016. Below are some of the main features of the update.

Main Story Chapter 3 Unlocked

The main story has finally progressed to the third chapter. For the first time in a Kiseki series title In chapter 3, the stage shifts to the Principality of Remiferia. The story features a collaborative training between the main party and the Crossbell State Guardian Force. The Cross Project Team once again faces evil head on. Please watch the story unfold with your own eyes!

New Characters

Arios MacLaine : A strong A-rank bracer from the Crossbell Bracer Guild branch. A master of the “Happa Ittou-ryu Ninoshiki Hayate” swordsmanship. The Bracer Guild Headquarters wants to promote him to a S-rank bracer. He has outstanding fighting and problem-solving skills, and is known as the “Wind Swordmaster”. In this chapter, for an important mission he serves as an advisor to the Cross Project Team in Remiferia.

Shizuku MacLaine : The only daughter of Arios MacLaine. She lost her vision due to an accident, and is hospitalized in the Ursula Hospital for treatment. In this chapter, she receives words of encouragement from Chloe who was previously also hospitalized in Ursula, and interacts plenty with the Cross Project Team.

Professor Seiland : A Remiferia-born psychiatrist who works in Ursula Hospital. She talks like a man, and has a blunt personality. She was an old friend of Joachim Gunther, a doctor who used to work in Ursula. In this chapter, She provides the Cross Project Team important information.

Roll Tio Plato in the Event Support Gacha

The super popular “Tio Plato” from Zero/Ao no Kiseki shows up in the event support gacha! In the weeks to come, the probability of rolling Tio increases greatly. Other than her, “Lloyd Bannings”, “Elie MacDowell”, and “Randy Orlando” also get increased gacha probability. Here’s your chance to complete the Special Support Section dream team, don’t miss it!

Tio Plato : “Gunner mode, activate!”

Tio Plato who works in the technology powerhouse, Epstein Foundation, was transferred to the Crossbell Police Department to carry out field tests of the cutting edge technology, the orbal staff. She has a blunt personality, but does not actually dislike people. She can use her orbal staff to perform powerful magic attacks.

Tio’s S-craft attacks a broad line path in front of her.

Tio Plato Commemoration! Bracer Coin Charge Campaign Launches

To commemorate Tio Plato’s entry in the game, a BC charge campaign is launched. Within the campaign period, if you charge 3000 yen or more, you will be given a 5 star green Mishy. Also, you will get a “BCCP ticket” for each 500 yen you charge.

Use the BCCP tickets to play a special game and stand a chance to win great prizes such as a 5 star Tio Plato and more.

The campaign lasts from 29th of September to 5th of October.

New Players Campaign – Get a free Maximillian Cid

From 29th of September to 12th of October, new players will be able to get a Maximillian Cid as present upon activation of the game.

“Cuisine Support Event” Starts

A support event for cooking will be held for a limited period of time, from 29th of September to 12th of October. During the event period, cooking will take less time, and there will be shops that sell ingredients. If you receive “torn recipes” in dungeons, you can bring them to the “Long Lao Fan restaurant” in Crossbell city and exchange them for special items. Also, you can obtain a daily 50 AP by clearing simple missions.

Battle event “Bracer War” Starts!

Enjoy “Bracer War” every day of the week for the following week. Challenge a character from the Kiseki series and stand a chance to recruit them! For this Bracer War, “Douglas”, “Ennia of the Magical Bow”, and “Eoria” will be obtainable.

Bracer War Schedule (From 6 am to 5:59 am the next day)

29/9: VS Douglas

30/9: VS Ennia of the Magical Bow

1/10: VS Eoria

2/10: VS Douglas

3/10: VS Ennia of the Magical Bow

4/10: VS Eoria

Userjoy Japan is really doing all they can to attract new players. Every week comes a flood of new events and campaigns. This game already has some pretty hardcore players. I saw a guy on Youtube who spent more than 600 USD trying to roll a Ren... and didn't get her. It’s no wonder developers are all turning to gacha games now.

I am personally doing quite well in the game. Just by clearing missions and using the login bonus bracer coins I was able to assemble a party with three URs and five SSRs (15.5k total battle strength). The missions that have to be cleared to progress the main story are getting really hard, but with some luck all of them can be cleared even with a weaker party. Just try to pull off a S-craft on a critical damage turn with your hardest hitting character.

Story-wise, the main party finally moved on to Remiferia. This will be the first visit to this country in the entire Kiseki series, so there should be many new characters to be introduced soon. This is probably what a lot of Akatsuki players have been waiting for. For those struggling to reach chapter 3, all the best to you!

For those looking to roll Tio, you can grab some Webmoney or Bitcash from the front page. Good luck!

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