Let’s take a deep look into the five main characters of Chain Chronicle 3

Let’s take a deep look into the five main characters of Chain Chronicle 3

Sega Games Sega Networks Company launched the iOS/Android mobile game “Chain Chronicle 3” on 24th of November with more than 1 million pre-registers. It is a “match chain scenario RPG” with five different scenarios, featuring five main characters, interwoven together.

The story is set in five cities in the Yggdra Continent, “Holy Kingdom”, “Sage Tower”, “Nine Territories of Flame”, “Desert Lakeside Capital”, and “Fairy Island”. In this grand tale, the player controls the five main characters and their friends, and even heroes from the “Legendary Volunteer Army” that used to save the world from destruction.

From its deep main story, to the sub-scenarios that lets you understand the characters better, and the intuitive “action tower defense battle” gameplay, Chain Chronicle 3 promises to bring you onto an unforgettable adventure.

Get SSR “Bernadette” and “Premium Gacha Ticket” To Roll Gacha Now!

Chain Chronicle 3 exceeded 1 million pre-registers in the pre-register campaign thanks to fans’ support. To show their appreciation, SSR character “Bernadette” who uses the rarest A rank weapon, and 4 premium tickets will be given out to all players who start the game before 23:59 pm on the 24th of December.

The maiden seeking love, Bernadette (CV: Uchida Maaya/Illustration: Mamuru)

Warrior (blunt) SSR ★★★★★

Bernadette is a member of the Legendary Volunteer Army which used to save the world from destruction. She fell in love with the captain of the army, who was the main character of Chain Chronicle 1 and 2.

Five years later in third series, Bernadette has grown up and is ready to go on her own quest.

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Get SSR Cards Of The Main Characters In “3 Titles Main Characters Fest”

Event period: 3 pm, 24/11/16 - 5 pm, 8/12/16

During the event period, the SSR versions of the 5 main characters will be available via the “3 Titles Main Characters Fest”.

If you gacha (random roll) 30 times during the event period, you will receive a campaign ticket that guarantees you one SSR from the 3 Titles Main Characters Fest.

Character Introduction

Hero of the Capital, Helios (CV: Uchiyama Koki/Illustration : toi8)

Warrior (slash) SSR ★★★★★

An ordinary young man living in the rebuilding capital and due to a certain incident, Helios got drawn into a grand adventure that will change the fate of Yggdra itself. He looks up upon the Legendary Volunteer Army.

Skill: Twin dash blade – Deal damage to all enemies within dash range

Ability: Hero’s spirit – Recovers HP gradually. Deals more damage to white anomaly.

Party ability: Strength increases if there is a monk ally on the battlefield. 

Battle Engraver, Alice (CV: Takagi Yurika/Illustration: Sencha)

Mage (Pierce) SSR ★★★★★

Alice is a student in the normal course of the magic academy. She received a magical enhancement to become an engraver, however due to some unknown reason, the engravement did not settle well in her and she was unable to control its power, which got her released from the laboratory. She hides this fact and lives her life as an ordinary student afterwards. She admires mages and aims to become one, but she has no talent with sorcery and always ends up bashing opponents with her weapon in battles.

Skill: Gramspear – Deals medium physical damage to all enemies around her. Increases her movement speed and attack speed for a short period of time afterwards.

Ability: Optimistic girl – Close-ranged combat becomes physical attribute. Close-ranged attack and speed increases, but long-ranged attack decreases.

Party ability: Increases the attack of mages on the battlefield. 

Desert Rose, Esha (CV: Ohashi Ayaka/Illustration Ryutetsu)

Warrior (fist) SSR ★★★★★

Esha woke up on a beach with all her memories lost but was picked up by a circus troupe who gave her a place to belong to. She has a cheery personality and aims to become a performer who can bring everyone happiness and practices day and night to achieve that goal.

Skill 1: Warden rush – deals 5 low damage and 1 medium damage to a foe right in front.

Skill 2: Dance of hope – (last row) increases attack and defense of all allies other than herself.

Ability: A stalk of rose – Able to use finishing move once when out of mana. Increases gold received from battles.

Party ability: Attack increases when there is an archer on the battlefield. 

Blue Steel Doll, Celest (CV: Kawasumi Ayako/Illustration: Hitowa)

Knight (pierce) SSR ★★★★★

A mysterious girl who appeared in the Metal Egg which appeared in the World Tree, Celest has no idea about the circumstances regarding her birth. Even though she has a metallic body, her expressions and behavior is entirely human. She is cheerful and is able to get along with everyone. She has a tendency to act impulsively, and is relied heavily upon  forest fairies , which is  an endless source of headache for them.

Skill: Crisis fall – A jump attack that deals small damage to all enemies in front of her. Increases defense of allies around her afterwards.

Ability: Mysterious Metal – Immunity to weaken and seal. Increases damage to poison/blind/slow enemies.

Party ability: Increases attack of pierce weapons on the battlefield. 

Burning Rage, Amatsu (CV: Nakamura Yuichi/Illustratior : Kuroha.K)

Warrior (slash) SSR ★★★★★

A young demon born without horns, Amatsu lived outside the isolated four territories for as long as he remembers. He hones his sword skills while living all alone. He has a fiery temperament and hates losing, and detests being called “the hornless”.

Skill: Sankakiri – Deals up to 100% HP damage to all enemies within an area, and at the same time inflicts up to 50% HP damage to himself. If awakened, inflicts no damage on self.

Ability: Demonic blade – Increases critical strike probability and damage.

Party ability: Defense increases if there is a mage ally on the battlefield.

(Article source : http://www.4gamer.net/games/223/G022384/20161124121/)


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