Little Witch Academia: The Witch of Time and the Seven Wonders PS4 Game Announced

See more of Akko and the gang as they step out of your TV screen to bring you a whole new adventure filled with magic in the recently announced Playstation 4 game, The Witch of Time and the Seven Wonders!

Starting out as a part of the Young Animator Training Project’s Anime Mirai 2013, Little Witch Academia details the story of Kagari Atsuko, also known as Akko, as she enters Luna Nova Magical Academy just like her idol, Shiny Chariot. It currently has an ongoing popular TV anime which is a part of the Winter 2017 lineup.

The popular anime’s first game will feature an original story wherein Akko and her friends try to uncover the “Seven Wonders” in Luna Nova Magical Academy. You can check out the trailer below:


The game will be “depicted just like the anime” and promises to give the anime’s detailed expressions and dynamic movements in 3D format, which is possible thanks to the game’s “Visual Harmony System.” Powerful CG animation will also be inserted during battle scenes.

As said in an interview with the anime production team and game producer Yosuke Futami featured in the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation, the game will focus more on action—although they also seek to strike a balance between the action and slice of life elements of the game.


The player takes turns among Akko, Lotte and Sucy as they fight the monsters that attacked them.


A sneak peek of the CG animation used in the battle scenes.


Akko, as featured in both the action and slice of life elements of the game.


The Witch of Time and the Seven Wonders is slated to be released later this year for PlayStation 4 in Japan.


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