Military Weapon Game "Axis Senki ~ Maidens on the Battlefield~" to be released on March 2017

Military Weapon Game "Axis Senki ~ Maidens on the Battlefield~" to be released on March 2017

Donuts announced that their latest smartphone game, Axis Senki ~ Maidens on the Battlefield~ (Axis Senki ~ Senjou wo Kakeru Otometachi~) will be released in March 2017. Just like Kantai Collection from DMM, the game is an RPG game where the characters are moe anthropomorphisms of military weapons.

Axis Senki is a game whose world was based upon the view of military magazine MC☆Axis. Filled with military weapons personified as beautiful girls, the player becomes the commander of the said personified military weapons and goes into battle.


 The game was also opened for pre-registration in September 2016 and has already exceeded 100,000 registrants. Upon exceeding 150,000 registrants, players will also have a chance to obtain the following rare characters as a reward:

Medium Tank Type 1 Chihe (Isshiki Chuusensha Chihe)

It is the Ninety-seven Formula Orthodox heroin tank of the Japanese Army, which is the successor of the medium tank Tacha. It carries a long-barreled 47 mm tank cannon and has a superior anti-tank fighting ability.

Aircraft Carrier Kamitaka (Kuubo Kamitaka)

Sharonhorst, an unlucky lady who had been detained in Kobe, became unable to return to her home country due to the outbreak of World War II. "Shinkaku" is a ship that the Japanese Navy purchased and remodeled into an aircraft carrier. Aircraft Carrier Kamitaka is a small aircraft carrier that is engaged in a fleet escort.

Both characters are voiced by seiyuu Yasuno Kiyono, who was known for her work in Macross △ and Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata.

The characters can only be obtained by pre-registration and by exceeding 150,000 registrants, so you better register now! You can now register on Axis Senki’s official website.

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