Osomatsu-san’s Newest Smartphone Game Draws Inspiration From Pokemon GO

Osomatsu-san’s Newest Smartphone Game Draws Inspiration From Pokemon GO

Ever thought of walking around town only to find a wild Karamatsu just across the street?

Most of us have not, but apparently the guys at
D-techno have thought that it is a good idea—and just like Pokemon GO, they even used the concept of augmented reality where you have to move and walk around so that you’ll have an adventure in your search for your favorite Matsuno brother.

 As stated in the game’s introduction, Dekapan has created a medicine which split up the sextuplets into multiple versions of themselves—all those Matsuno clones have scattered across the country, and it is your job to find all the Matsus and turn them back to normal.

The main objective of the game is to find the scattered sextuplets across the country. And just like the pun in the title (“sanpo” means to take a walk) the player needs to walk around in order to find them.


Nothing has been announced, yet, if you would be able to catch other characters aside from the sextuplets despite them making an appearance. Nonetheless, it is the perfect game especially if you’re a fan of both Pokemon GO and Osomatsu-san. And given how popular Osomatsu-san is among the ladies, it is highly possible that they will prefer catching a wild Matsuno brother rather than finding a wild Pidgey outside.

As part of their pre-registration campaign, they’re offering to give away in-game presents for participants. The benefits of pre-registering is that the more people who pre-registers, the more “Matsu Coin” will be handed out. Matsu Coin is the official currency of the game and is used to purchase items and other gacha.

The following number of Matsu Coins will be given corresponding to the number of pre-registrants:

    • 6,000 pre-registrants = 6 Matsu Coins each
    • 36,000 pre-registrants = 36 Matsu Coins each
    • 66,000 pre-registrants = 66 Matsu Coins each
    • 126,000 pre-registrants = 126 Matsu Coins each
Pre-registration for the game opened on January 6 and is free of charge. As of January 10, over 10,000 people have already registered for the game. It will cost ¥240 to download when it goes live.

The game will be released on February and will be available for
iOS (iOS 8 or higher only) and Android (Android 4.4 or higher only) users.

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