Pre-register For Legend Of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki and Get Noel Seeker From Zero No Kiseki

Pre-register For Legend Of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki and Get Noel Seeker From Zero No Kiseki

On 9th of August, USERJOY JAPAN announced the open beta test of PC online RPG “Legend of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki” on its newly opened official homepage.

<What is the Legend of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki?>

“Legend of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki” is the first ever online game project made to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of Nihon Falcom’s popular “Legend of Heroes” series. Some well-known titles include “Sora no Kiseki” (officially Trails in the sky in English) and “Zero no kiseki”. Akatsuki no Kiseki will feature both brand new main characters and those from the past games, as well as an all-new story. With the series’ famous epic story and online game-only elements, you will be able to enjoy a “Kiseki” game like no other before it.

<Opening of Homepage>

The game’s official homepage has opened. Check out the “game features” and “characters”, as well as a promotion video ( to get a feel of the game.

Promotion movie


<Pre-registering campaign starts now! Get Noel Seeker by pre-registering>

To commemorate the opening of the homepage, those who register for a UJJ membership and activate “Legend of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki” will be given “Noel Seeker”. Additional gifts will be handed out depending on the total number of pre-registers, so stay updated by following the official homepage or twitter page.

*For those who already own a membership for UJJ, all you need to do is to activate the game client.

  •         Pre-register campaign starts as of  9th of August, 3pm.
  •         Gift depends on number of pre-registers.

- Up to 10,000 people : Noel Seeker (2)

- Up to 20,000 people : Noel Seeker (★2) + BC (250)

- Up to 30,000 people : Noel Seeker (★3) + BC (500)

- 30,000 people onwards : Noel Seeker (★4) + BC (500)

* Number will be taken from “UJJ games”, “Hangame”, and “Niconico appli”

Noel Seeker

Seiyuu : Asano Masumi

Game appearance: Zero no Kiseki, Ao no Kiseki

A police officer from the Crossbell State Guardian Force who was posted to Crossbell State Police Force Special Support Section. She is the elder sister of Fran, an operator at the Police Headquarters.

<Channel service at Hangame and Niconico Appli starts>

Hangame and Niconico Appli both provide service for Akatsuki no Kiseki. There is also a pre-register campaign at Hangame, so do register for it too. You will receive Nacht Weiss and Chloe Barnett Hangame avatars (Avatar Pure).

Hangame Akatsuki no Kiseki Campaign Site

<Legend of Heroes Akatsuki no Kiseki Original Characters and Seiyuu>

Nacht Weiss

Seiyuu: Ishikawa Kaito

A young man who once belonged to a mercenary group. In order to part from his dark past, he joins the Bracer Guild. He wishes to avoid dangerous missions and live a safe and secure life.

Chloe Barnett

Seiyuu: Sakura Ayane

She joined the Bracer Guild after being inspired by the bracers who resolved the Liberl Incident two years ago. Has a strong sense of justice and fearless personality. Takes dangerous missions without hesitation.

Ronaldo Griffin

Seiyuu: Hino Satoshi

A senior investigator of the Crossbell State Police Department. He came to work with Nacht and Chloe due to the “N Capital Fraud Incident”.


Seiyuu : Uesaka Sumire

A child who is the CEO of Venture corporation “Elfintech”. Supports Nacht’s group with cutting-edge airship “Ainsel”.

The Kiseki series has become my favourite JRPG series recently. With its epic storyline, huge cast of likable and memorable characters, and great soundtrack by Falcom sound team, there’s very few ongoing RPG series that even comes close to it.

Userjoy Technology is a Taiwanese game developer, so I don’t know much about them. They do have quite a few online games running, so I hope they do a good job with Akatsuki no Kiseki.

Akatsuki no Kiseki’s story will be canon, and the game will serve as a great way for fans to explore the Zemuria Continent. From what I could see from the trailer, the game looks very much like any other Kiseki game, but with chibi character models. You can gather friends on the Ainsel airship. I’m guessing that people like Estelle, Lloyd, and Rean can all be recruited but their inclusion will be non-canon to the plot.

I have done the pre-registration myself, so when the game launches I will give it a shot. If the game turns out to be great, I will write more about it. Hope to see all of you in the game!


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