Princess Principal: Game of Mission To Be Released This Fall, Along With The Anime

Princess Principal: Game of Mission To Be Released This Fall, Along With The Anime

Perhaps you have already heard of Princess Principal, the spy action anime that is slated to be released this Fall 2017 anime season. The anime won’t be the only thing that you’ll get from this franchise though, since a mobile game will be released soon as well!

Princess Principal details the story of five young girls who live a double life: while they’re currently living under the guise of high school students, they are also undertaking missions which put their lives at risk. As seen on the preview for the anime, it looks like this series is going to have a similar feel as last year’s popular spy action anime, Joker Game—although in this case, instead of having a group of bishounen spies, we’ll have a cast full of cute girls doing cool things.


A game based on the series will be released around the same time as well. According to the Princess Principal GOM Production Committee, Princess Principal: Game of Mission is said to be a spin-off of the anime. Pre-registration for the game has already started, and various rewards will be given once the total number of pre-registrants has exceeded their standard quota.

The game is set in the same universe as the anime and will feature the same characters as well as original characters that can only be seen in the game. See more of it on the game’s trailer below:



Game of Mission is a mission-style spy action puzzle game where the player teams up with other characters in order to clear the mission. Together with the rest of the team, the player must find clues that can help them fulfill their tasks.

The player needs to trace the panels with the same color to proceed, and sometimes, enemies will appear above the circles so the player must be cautious of their next move!

There are numerous attack methods, which vary according to the abilities of each character. Combining the attacks of various characters and attacking enemies simultaneously are also possible once you have traced a minimum of fifteen panels in one go, so coming up with different tactics maximizes one’s chances of success.

The main characters, from the topmost left to bottom right: Princess, Chise, Beatrice, Dorothy and Ange.

The five main characters from the anime will appear in the game together with the following new characters:
Annette Grace (CV: Shizuka Ishigami)
Jose Rosebud (CV: Ai Kakuma)
Arisugawa Kaoru (CV: Kanoko Akahori)
Tina Flywheel (CV: Kotori Koiwai)

No exact date has been announced yet but the game will be available for iOS and Android this Fall.


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