Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest Brings The Popular 3D Action PC Game to Your Smartphone

Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest Brings The Popular 3D Action PC Game to Your Smartphone

Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest is Gumi’s latest 3D action game for iOS and Android. Based on the popular PC online game developed by the Korean studio Eyedentity Games, the Japanese mobile version aims to bring all the exciting features that made the PC version popular into your smartphones—such as having a fast and fluid non-targeting combat and customizable skill system.

Just like the original PC game,
Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest is a dungeon-based RPG where players would have to explore various dungeons, complete missions and engage in battles. The control system is also similar, wherein the movement control is at the bottom left and the attack and skills can be found at the bottom right. You can also choose to play the game vertically or horizontally, depending on your liking.


In this game, you and your team have set out to the magnificent world of "Serencia" as the "Knights of the Sealed Dragon" in order to fulfill your mission of overcoming the trials set by the goddess. No one has ever returned alive from this mission—will you be able to survive?


As seen in the above trailer, there are four playable characters: Warrior, Archer, Cleric, and Sorceress. You can choose one at the start as your main class; other characters will join you after the first chapter. After that, you can switch to different characters at a time during battle, so make sure to train and level up all the members in your team to become stronger! The attack range of each character also differs, so coming up with several variations and attack combinations will certainly be an advantage.

The main characters of the game: Break, Childeria, Cloy and Soricia.

The main warrior character in this game is Break (CV: Kaji Yuki), who is good at fighting two-handedly using his large sword and his gauntlets. His skills include "Accelerator Support" which increases his speed with each attack, "Power Slash" and "Line Drive".

Another main character is the archer elf, Childeria (CV: Asumi Kana). Often referred to as "Chil", she specializes in long-distance combat. Her skills include "Multi Arrow", that enables her to shoot arrows simultaneously in three direction, "Heaven's Shoot", which tosses her enemies in the air, as well as a powerful shooting technique called "Trickster."

On the other hand, the aristocrat cleric, Cloy (CV: Namikawa Daisuke), takes advantage of the enemies' attacks in order to fully recover his allies' HP and defensive power. His skills include "Slash Hit", an attack that enables him to generate sacred blades, "Shield Guard", which reduces the damage inflicted upon the player, and "Vigor Aura", a spell that restores the HP of the team members.

Last among the playable characters is Soricia, the ever-curious sorceress. She can release a powerful magic suitable for any distances. Her skills include “Flare”, an attack that she uses in order to increase her stamina while releasing a powerful explosion, “Firewall”, which enables her to fire a huge wall of flame against enemies, and “Frost Crash”, that allows her to crush enemies with a huge ball of ice. Since magic consumes a lot of stamina, having a smart fighting style that can help conserve stamina is definitely an advantage.

The game consists of two kinds of fields: one is the open field where you can interact with various players, and the other is the closed field where you can challenge various monsters into battle.

Various bosses will appear in each quest. Make sure to defeat them all to get more items!

You can move the characters using the virtual pad, and you can tap each button to attack or dodge. Attack buttons include "Normal Attack" using the character's main weapon, "Special Attack" where you can activate the character's special skill, and "Killer Move", which is displayed only when the gauge is full.

The stats of a party’s leader affects the whole party. You can also bring two items in each quest.

The game also has an "Auto Operation" feature, which enables the character to do quests even without the player's operation. However, as compared to the player's manual operation, movement is monotonous. Still, this is incredibly helpful if you want to level up and earn ... while you're away.

Collecting various items and equipment is also an important aspect of the game, since the coordination of these items and equipment affects the status of the player. You can obtain various items and equipment through gacha, drops, and quest rewards. You can also create your own equipment by using the materials that you have obtained in boss battles.

You can only choose up to five weapons and armor before going on a quest.

Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest was released in Japan on August 17th. It is still unknown if the game will also be released in other languages, but if you are familiar with the Japanese language, you might want to check it out!


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