SINoALICE, Yoko Taro’s Newest Smartphone Game Features Twisted Fairytale Heroines

SINoALICE, Yoko Taro’s Newest Smartphone Game Features Twisted Fairytale Heroines

SINoALICE certainly garnered quite the attention in Japan, with it getting 500,000 pre-registrants and having 248,000 followers on Twitter.

Directed by Yoko Taro of the Drakengard and Nien fame, SINoALICE is a fantasy role-playing game which details the story of a group of fairytale heroines who are imprisoned in a world that is stuck in an endless loop called “The Library.” The girls who are still wandering around only have one wish: to revive the “Author”, who created them.


The game will feature nine playable characters, all of which are based on popular fairy tale heroines. And in true Director Yoko Taro fashion, the characters themselves are quite twisted as well, with most of them being incessant about killing and violence, which, of course, is a huge contrast to their canon counterparts. Yoko Taro, believes that they are all cute and that they’ll sell well because of this.

Here are the main characters with their corresponding character designs:


1.) Akazukin / Little Red Riding Hood (VA: Ayaka Imamura)

“I wonder how I should kill next!”





2.) Snow White (VA: Reina Ueda)

“Be proud to die by my hand.”



3.) Alice (VA: M.A.O)

“Pray, wish, fight, kill.”




4.) Hansel & Gretel (VA: Maaya Uchida)

“How about I shove your head on the stove?”



5.) Cinderella (VA: Eri Kitamura)

“Isn’t it fun to gouge people?”



 6.) Sleeping Beauty (VA: Kaede Hondo)

“You don’t have to wake up anymore, okay?”




7.) Kaguya-hime (VA: Shizuka Ito)

“The weak have no right to live.”



8.) Pinocchio (VA: Yuko Sanpei)

“My staff acted out on its own!”



9.) The Little Mermaid (VA: Mamiko Noto)



SINoALICE launched in Japan on June 6th for iPhone and Android. More info about the game can also be found here.



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